Concrete Mixers: 14 Incredible Concrete Projects You Should Try


Concrete and concrete mixers are underrated materials, especially when you consider how they can be used for so many things, including DIY projects. This article features wonderfully created projects using concrete which will hopefully inspire you to get your hands involved in creating a beautiful item for your home or loved ones.


14 DIY Projects Using Concrete


1. Coloured Concrete Letters


Do you enjoy painting? Then you should think about creating painted concrete letters that you can use all around your home – and they work perfectly as gifts. All you require is paper mache letters, concrete mix, a mixing bowl (which will serve as a little concrete mixer) tape, acrylic paint, and sandpaper. You will first pour your concrete mix into your bowl and add water. Once the mixture has been mixed, you pour the concrete into a letter mould, wait for it to dry and sand it down using the sandpaper and finally you can paint your piece. If you have been looking for a monogram then this piece can make a big impact in your space. Fortunately, these painted letters are also suitable for your patio and porch.


2. Coasters


Tired of hot drinks causing stains on your tables? Coasters are incredibly useful but sometimes the ones available for sale tend to be boring and do not represent you and your home well. Isn’t it amazing that you can create and design your own using concrete? Decorating your coaster will give you much more incentive to utilise them.


This too can work for coasters which use other types of materials. You can have so much fun creating geometric patterns by taping down the tape outline lining your design and then using the acrylic paint to colour in. One of the biggest advantages of concrete coasters is the fact that it is a material that has lots of traction to ensure that drinks do not slide off of the table.




3. Concrete Pot Plant Holders


If you are a plant person and want your plants to have a holder, then you should think about making your very own concrete pot! Similar to the earlier-mentioned projects this one too is fairly simple to make. You will require quick-drying concrete – not suitable for concrete mixers, a mixing bowl, two different-sized carton moulds, some basic tools, duct tape, sandpaper, and a square wooden dowel. Remember that you should make holes at the bottom of the pots so that the water can drain out of the concrete holder and your plants do not end up drowning in water, which can cause root rot.


4. Hexagonal Concrete Coasters


Remember how we mentioned earlier that you can decorate your coasters anyway you like to match your aesthetic? Now, imagine if you could make your very own coasters from the beginning with all the raw materials. If you are interested, consider crafting some concrete hexagon coasters. If you do not have moulds to use, you can create your moulds from cardboard and duct tape instead. You will cut the cardboard into the necessary pieces and construct your mould using tape to secure the hexagon.




5. Succulent Concrete Planter


Another fan favourite is the minimalist concrete succulent planter. Take note of the smooth lines, surface, and simple design which work perfectly together. If you desire to create something similar and just as beautiful then you will require the following: a small plastic container, a small non-stick cake baking tray, sandpaper, and a small concrete mixer. If you are looking for indoor plants which will not die easily, succulents are known to be amazing indoor plants as they do not need so much water or maintenance to ensure their survival.




6. Concrete Desk Top


It is not only small pieces you can create at home using concrete but you can also create larger pieces such as concrete desktops. Although this is not made entirely out of concrete it is in fact a wooden top which has been coated with concrete on the top. Doing this gives a beautiful finish which can be a simple yet interesting way to refresh a damaged or old desktop you have. Concrete desks are an amazing fit for contemporary or industrial interior design. You can finish off the look by adding a layer of paint or stain to fit into the colour scheme of your room.


7. Concrete Garden Globes


Concrete garden globes are useful pieces of decoration that you can fill your garden with as a display item. These globes are made from old glass globes which are used as moulds. Other tools needed include moss, cement, potting soil, cooking spray, water, a wire brush, a hammer, and a mixing container to mix the cement similar to concrete mixers used in bigger concrete projects. Concrete globes can offer lots of visual interests similar to glass garden gazing. Concrete garden globes also help add more decoration to your garden especially during the winter season when all the plants and flowers have died.


8. Concrete Countertops


If you are looking to redo your countertop just to refresh the kitchen then look no further. This is an intermediate-level project as you will need a large towel, Ardex feather finish concrete underlayment, sealant, sandpaper, and a small putty knife. By redoing your countertops with a concrete top layer it will give you that new fresh vibe you are seeking. Concrete countertops also serve as an affordable alternative compared to countertops which are made from marble or granite.


9. Concrete Candle Holders


Now that the larger items have been discussed let’s get back into the smaller DIY projects as those tend to be the most fun. To assist you in making the holders please check out some YouTube videos online, they can serve as useful educational videos to help you through your DIY journey. For this, all you require is some water, plastic cups, and concrete mix, luckily no concrete mixers are needed, and finally, you will need tealight candles.


You have the option of painting your concrete holders or leaving them plain. Candle holders made from concrete are a great choice for fire safety as well because concrete is relatively fireproof.




10. Concrete Christmas Tree Statuary


These are tiny little Christmas trees which have been made from concrete, they can appear quite abstract and simple-looking which means that they can be used for everyday decorations that you can display on tables, shelves, bookends, and even paperweights. You have the freedom and creativity to paint your Christmas trees in either traditional colours or metallic colours to add a sparkle to every corner.




11. Concrete Base For Faux Flower


Before you begin creating your base you will need to have a faux flower which looks nice and one that you like. The concrete base is strong enough to keep the flower upright and secure, it will serve as a permanent vase for the flower. Silk flowers are available in many different colours which always look nice in any setting and add a beautiful feel to the room and match any interior design. Faux plants are easy to take care of. All you need to do is make sure to wipe them down every few days so that dust does not collect on them.


12. Concrete Noteholders


Organising your to-do lists, and notes is very important to help you remember what work you need to complete for the day. DIY noteholders will be very useful and by making yourself you get to create the perfect one. They are small, cute, and easy to make. You can create cool-looking patterns and designs using tape and paint. One advantage of utilizing concrete to create your noteholders is that they can keep your note from spilling every as the material is heavy enough to keep them upright. Because the notes are upright this will also help you remember what you need to do as you can see them.


13. Faux Concrete Vase


Using concrete is not for everyone, if you enjoy the look of concrete but not the extra things that come with using concrete like the weight for example, then you should think of utilizing concrete scrapbook paper instead for your projects. Faux concrete provides a heavy industrial look similar to concrete that individuals like minus the mess and weight when you are working with the material.


There are many ways you can place your vases on your dining table, kitchen counters and more. Concrete which is often used in construction sites and concrete mixers can also be seen as one of the most adaptable materials you can work with as it can be manipulated to mimic many other mediums for a less hard look. Alternatively, you can use wood or marble if you prefer that look as opposed to concrete.


14. Egg Cups Made From Concrete


A fun and interesting DIY you can make from concrete, especially if you enjoy eating eggs concrete egg cups. To make these you will need cupcake paper cups as well as boiled eggs. These egg cups are excellent if you like boiled eggs for breakfast. You can also use these cups as decoration as an individual’s Easter egg during the Easter season. It is an easy and very fun project you can do either by yourself or with your children.


You can custom make your concrete egg by using tape, acrylic paint, or any other supplies you would like to make these your perfect egg holder by being creative and adding your twist and style to the holder. Due to the versatility that this project can bring to your table you can mix and match different colours to fit into your colour scheme.




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