Concrete Mixer: Transform Your Extra Space Into An Airbnb

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How does a concrete mixer fit into an article about Airbnb? Well, if you’ve already read the title, I’m sure you already have an idea but read along to learn more. Airbnb was introduced in 2008, and the disruptive accommodation platform quickly took the world by storm, offering a different way to explore the world compared to traditional hotel stays. Airbnb offered travellers and tourists a more affordable accommodation option, allowing them to immerse themselves more in the culture and feel of the area they were staying in, allowing for a more authentic experience.


Travellers were just some of those benefiting from Airbnb, as the app allowed local homeowners to monetise their extra space, meet tourists and share their homes. This article will discuss why the Airbnb space has become so popular and how the concrete mixer can help transform your residential area into a tourist magnet. We will also discuss how the concrete mixer should be used, so stick around for that user guide.


What Is Airbnb?


Airbnb is a peer-to-peer online marketplace that connects hosts with extra space with travellers seeking accommodations. Hosts offer a variety of spaces, and travellers can browse Airbnb and choose from many different options, areas and prices and decide what suits them. Airbnb then connects them with their preferred host, who can view their profile and choose whether or not to accept their booking.


This concept goes beyond just booking a place to stay; it facilitates a personalised and authentic travel experience by connecting guests with local hosts who offer valuable insights and recommendations.


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Why Are People Choosing Airbnb Over Hotels?


1. Diverse options


As mentioned above, there are various accommodation options for travellers, ranging from entire villas to cosy apartments to single rooms for a steal in some truly stunning locations. Travellers can choose the experience they want based on the accommodation and the scenery or area surrounding it.


Hotels have different room types, but this leaves little flexibility regarding rates. Hotels can be very pricey and have very few benefits that come with the cost.


2. Authentic local experience


Hotels and motels are commercialised, whilst Airbnb offers travellers a unique and authentic experience. By staying with local hosts, guests can immerse themselves in the surrounding environment and learn directly from locals about the area, the culture, the history and possibly some cool local travel spots they can visit that the general tourist staying in traditional hotels may never learn about. Some hosts go the extra mile and treat their guests to home-cooked meals, personal tours and sharing of stories and experiences. Airbnb makes these meaningful connections possible.


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3. Economic benefits


Airbnb has allowed people worldwide to monetise their extra space, generating additional income by letting out a part of their property. This money can make a huge difference for homeowners, covering their mortgage or putting savings away for the future. Money that, without Airbnb, they would never have had access to.


4. Sustainability


Using existing privately owned residences to host guests reduces the need for hotels and construction. If tourists visit a spot, they choose to stay in an Airbnb. The demand for more hotels does not increase, which benefits the locals: less noise, less construction, less commercialisation of their neighbourhood, and the chance to earn money renting out their space to travellers.


Airbnb continues to grow and evolve. With more people offering their spaces and experiences to travellers and connecting people in a way they never thought possible before.


And if you have unused space in your home, you should consider becoming an Airbnb host.


Building or renovating your home to create an Airbnb makes for an exciting project and is a strategic endeavour that can bring in another income stream.


If you know the basics of building and design or want to bring in outside help to transform your space into another source of income, then here are some key considerations when building or renovating your home for use as an Airbnb. With BS Power supplying the tools, your new dream space is sure to become a reality:


Overall Design:


Design your space based on the type of guests you want to attract. Are you able to offer private rooms or an entire unit? Will it suit families with children, business people travelling together or a romantic getaway? Optimise your space for its intended travellers so that you can attract and accommodate your guests comfortably. With a concrete mixer, you can efficiently produce the concrete needed to realise your design dreams.


Guest-Friendly Amenities:


Your amenities will also depend on the type of travellers you wish to attract and host. Consider the necessity of having a well-equipped kitchen, a private bathroom, a desk or surface to be used as a workspace with adequate wifi connection, and more.


Safety and Security:


More than anything, travellers want peace of mind in an unfamiliar place. You can implement sufficient safety and security measures during the building process. Install locks, fire extinguishers and alarm systems. Consider if your entry and exit points need security gates and if the windows need security bars.


Durability and Maintenance:


Your space will see its fair share of guests and endure some wear and tear. Choose durable materials and finishes that can withstand the wear and tear of frequent guest turnovers. This also means choosing building and design materials that are easy to clean, along with low-maintenance fixtures, to minimise upkeep and ensure the longevity of your space. This does not just mean the interior of the Airbnb, but similar principles should be kept when renovating the exterior; utilising a concrete mixer and good quality concrete to make any extensions will make the area more durable. A concrete mixer is also perfect for any maintenance that may be needed.




As an Airbnb host, you will compete with other Airbnb hosts and local hotels and motels. This is why creating an inviting and aesthetically pleasing environment that attracts guests to your business is essential. Consider using colour schemes, lighting, artwork, and decor to create a cosy and memorable atmosphere. Pay attention to details that contribute to a positive guest experience, such as comfortable bedding, quality linens, and thoughtfully curated furnishings.


Storage and Personal Space:


Provide ample storage options for guests to keep their belongings safe and out of sight. Incorporate closet space, shelving units, and luggage racks to ensure guests have room to store their belongings during their stay.


Environmentally Aware:


Nowadays, more and more people, including travellers, are conscious of their impact on the environment. Including eco-friendly features when designing and building your Airbnb space is a good idea. This will benefit you as a host and attract guests with the same mindset. Some ideas would be using renewable, eco-friendly materials, choosing energy-efficient appliances, looking at alternative energy sources and having recycling facilities. But these green initiatives should not only be implemented once your Airbnb space is finished. You should also practice sustainable building methods, like using a concrete mixer, to prevent concrete wastage.


Compliance with Regulations:


Familiarise yourself with local zoning laws, building codes, and regulations about short-term rentals. Ensure that your building or renovation project complies with all applicable rules and obtain any necessary permits or licences for operating an Airbnb.


Professional Assistance:


As much as many people love DIY, sometimes a professional is the only one suitable for the job. When looking to create your Airbnb space, depending on the scale of the job, it is advisable to reach out to professionals like architects, interior designers and contractors with short-term rental experience, and of course, BS Power for all your power tool needs. There will be some parts that you can do on your own, but these professionals can offer valuable insights and their services will align with regulations and meet industry standards.


Overall, building or renovating your home to use as an Airbnb is not easy, but it is gratifying in the long run. The planning, thought and attention to detail that goes into creating your guest-ready space will reflect at the end of your project.


If you’re looking to go to DIY route to get a maximum financial return from converting your space into your Airbnb, then you’ll want to give these tips a read:


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Concrete Mixer – Transforming Your Extra Space


Many people have the space available, but it needs to be equipped with all the necessary features and amenities to host guests, or your area is already liveable, but you may want to improve the aesthetic value. Building and renovating a space is costly, but it is a worthwhile investment if you plan to monetise it.


A must-have on your residential construction site is the fantastic concrete mixer, as they are the most effective way to mix the concrete needed for a job of any size. A concrete mixer can be privately hired if you plan on doing the job yourself. Otherwise, cement mixers will be brought in by the construction company engaged to complete the job. You may even be inclined to purchase one for further construction projects in the future, and in that case, BS Power will have the perfect one you’re looking for.


Often, Airbnb hosts will opt to seal off doors joining their home space to the space they plan to rent out for added safety and security for both parties. Other times, areas will need to have walls to divide bedrooms, bathrooms and living spaces, or kitchens and bathrooms that did not exist before will need to be built. Every situation is different, but for smaller jobs, consider renting a cement mixer and doing the job yourself (if you have the skills). This will save you money in the long run.


Concrete Mixer – How To Use:


A concrete mixer makes the job more manageable if you know how to use them.


Location: Concrete mixer needs to be placed on a level surface that is strong enough to hold them up and has enough space to accommodate all equipment parts.


Materials: Gather all the materials you need to make your cement mix. Including cement, aggregates like sand and gravel, and water and put the mix into the concrete mixer.


Remember to use personal protective equipment like gloves, goggles and safe, closed shoes.


Mixing: Add the recommended amounts of each material into the concrete mixer. Recommended amongst and instructions will be given by the manufacturer and can often be found on the bag of cement. Next, you’ll need to seal the drum, ensure it is firmly in place, and turn the cement mixer on.


Pouring: Once the concrete mixer has combined all the materials to form a suitable mixture, it is time to run the cement. Cement mixers must be near the desired site to make pouring more straightforward. If necessary, a shovel or wheelbarrow can transport the cement mix.


Concrete Mixer From BS Power


If you’re looking for a concrete mixer, no matter the job size, BS Power is a trusted supplier of a range of building equipment for jobs of all kinds. Whether you’re looking to buy a concrete mixer, or rent one, reach out to us and let our team assist you! Not only do we sell only the best the concrete mixer market has to offer, but our concrete mixer prices are unbeatable.


Advertise Your Space


Once you have created your space (with or without the help of a concrete mixer), the next step is putting it up on the site. Here are some essential steps to follow:


Prepare your Space: Any space listed on Airbnb needs to be clean, well-maintained, and meet the expectations of potential guests. Investing in furniture and decor is worth investing time in making an appealing, welcoming atmosphere for potential guests. There are many places to choose from, so give them a reason to choose yours.


Advertise your Space: Showcase everything you have to offer by creating an appealing listing on Airbnb and be ready to respond to queries and inquiries from potential guests.


And most importantly, enjoy the process! You are opening up your space to host and meet people from all around the world.