Learn All About Your New Concrete Mixer Machine

Choosing a concrete mixer machine should be done with care; you need one that will be durable enough to withstand the work it will have to endure, one powerful enough to perform as you wish and preferably from a well-known brand for further assurance. Before choosing the best concrete mixer machine, you need to be fully informed, that is why we have created a short guide to these machines, in just six minutes reading time.



At BS Commercial Power you will find a great selection of concrete mixer machines backed by knowledgeable staff to ensure your productivity is maximised on the construction site.A concrete mixer machine will have a harder life than most machinery, so it needs to be well built, and at BS Commercial Power we supply the very best in the business, from the world-renowned manufacturer Baumax. We are a leader of concrete mixer machine suppliers in South Africa.



Concrete Mixer Machine - Baumax



BS Commercial Power now owns the Baumax trademark for the South African market and has adopted the brand to not only the concrete mixer machines, but also to a full range of top quality construction equipment.We source from high performance manufacturing facilities.



These machine manufacturers make use of robot assisted manufacturing techniques with rigorous quality control. They also feature automatic paint lines.We have a concrete mixer machine choice that should cover all requirements, and at great prices.



We have numerous tool rental companies that standardise on these concrete machines. All the models offer what their users need and demand: hardwearing, reliable, efficient and long-lasting concrete mixer machines. Drum capacities ranging from 360 to 600 litres ensure we cover all the models just what demanding building site professionals are looking for.


The Early Years


Concrete Mixer Machine - Early Years



BS Commercial Power has a proud history in the construction equipment industry,and one can trace its roots dating back to the late 1970’s,especially in concrete mixer machine manufacturing.These machines were manufactured locally in a factory based in Cape Town, South Africa, and were 100% South African built.The earlier version of our concrete mixer machines featured a robust drum, oversized gears and bearings with a channel iron frame.



These Concrete mixer machines were built to last. They were the most popular machines for the big and small builder as well as the contractor. Particularly safe and easy to tow, the concrete mixer machines feature a robust drum and sealed bearings to ensure reliability and low maintenance cost. High production capacity was also a feature of these concrete mixer machines.




Capacity: 280 Litres dry / 200 Litres wet


Bearings: All roller bearings – sealed and grease packed on bevel pinion and drum spindle


Transmission: Chain and Sprockets


Power units: Diesel/Petrol/Electric


Wheels: 400x 8 pneumatic as standard




Modular Concrete Mixer Machine Drum: Cast iron ring gear, mixing blades, drum cone and drum bottom – Bolts On


Durable Bottom: 6mm thick spun steel drum bottom. Also available in fabricated steel and cast iron.


Smooth Tilt action: easy discharge from machine via tilt gear and pinion.


Ideal for Towing: Pneumatic wheels or standard/high speed  version. The concrete mixer machine was also available as a four solid wheel option.


Maneuverability: the machine can easily be  handled on site by one person.


Positive drive: Via pinion and ring gear on drum via sprockets and chain on engine and drive shaft


Robust Frame: The machine featured a frame from channel iron chassis, square tube drum yoke. Large tilt wheel for easy handling.


Sturdy Axle Frame: The machine featured a 25mm shaft with ball bearings as standard or tapered roller bearings on high speed option.


These machines soon became the market leader in South Africa and construction companies that have been around awhile will contest to this. Truly a legend in the industry and until recently one could still find some of these concrete mixer machines around.



Italian manufactured Concrete mixer machines


Some disadvantages to the original concrete mixer machines were the higher material cost, intensive labour cost and also excessive weight. Around the early 1980’s Italian manufacturers started to manufacture a new breed of machine that was less expensive, lighter and also suitable for mass production.BS Commercial Power found a strategic partnership with the machine market leader in Italy to distribute not only in South Africa, but also neighbouring countries such as Namibia , Angola, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.


They were added to the existing local built range and soon these Italian built concrete mixer machines became the preferred option for professional builders and tool rental companies.Robot assisted manufacturing techniques were used, ensuring the drum of the machines to be perfectly balanced.This resulted in less wear and tear of the rotating gears and prolonging the life of the machines.


Six models of Italian manufactured Concrete mixer machines were available to distribute to South Africa:


Babymixer Model: BM160


Minimixer Model: BM200


Mixer: Model BM250


Super Mixer: Model BM330


Maximixer: BM360 and BM 400 which was the most popular in South Africa.


Present Day


Concrete Mixer Machine - Baumax Machine




Due to the increasing competition from third world manufacturers, these European mixers started to lose popularity and were later replaced by our Baumax range of concrete mixer machines. These machines added further advantages to the range, of which most notably were the significant lower price point without compromising on quality and reliability. These machines offer great value to the demanding professional user.


The BS361 Concrete mixer machine soon became a winner in the construction industry. Boasting an industry leading 1-year commercial warranty, these concrete mixer machines offer ease of mind even to the most demanding users.Below are the concrete mixer machine models available BS Commercial Power:



BS 361


Concrete Mixer Machine - BS361



This Concrete Mixer machine is ideally suited to owner builders and rental companies.The mixer has a ring gear cover and enclosed engine cabin to ensure operator safety and is robot welded.


Drum Volume: 360L


Capacity Unmixed: 260L Mixed*: 200L


Drum Speed: 25RPM


Output: 5m3 per hour


Mix cycle: 2,5 minutes


Dimensions: 2000mmx 950mmx 1450mm


Weight: 200Kg


Transmission: V Belt


Power options Baumax RX200 2:1 Engine 6.5HP;Honda GX200GP 6HP,HondaGX160LX 5Hp,Diesel or electric


Chassis: Robustly constructed from channel iron and folded metal


Wheels: Semi Solid Wheels


Option: High speed towable wheels on 145 x 10 Pneumatic wheels.


*Machine output varies according to type of material and drum inclination




Drum Volume :400L


Capacity Unmixed: 300L Mixed*: 230L


Drum Speed: 25RPM


Output: 6m3 per hour


Mix cycle: 2,5 minutes


Dimensions: 2020mmx950mmx1450mm


Weight: 220Kg


Transmission: V Belt


Power options Baumax RX200 2:1 Engine 6.5HP;Honda GX200GP 6HP,HondaGX160LX 5Hp,Diesel or electric


Chassis: Robustly constructed from channel iron and folded metal


Wheels: Semi Solid Wheels


Option: High speed towable wheels on 145 x 10 Pneumatic wheels.




The Concrete Mixer machine is ideally suited for contractors and rental companies.The mixer has a ring gear cover and enclosed engine cabin to ensure operator safety.


Concrete Mixer Machine - BS500



Chassis: Robustly constructed from channel iron and folded metal.


Ultra-Durable 3mm Drum bottom.


Total volume 500L


Capacity(Unmixed)* 420L


Capacity(Mixed)* 280L


Drum Rotation 24rpm


Weight without engine 270Kg


Drum Thickness 3mm


Wheels Solid rubber wheels with bearings.


Dimensions(LxWxH) 2155mmX1045mmX1550mm


Power options Baumax RX200 2:1 Engine 6.5HP;Honda GX200GP 6HP,HondaGX160LX 5Hp,Diesel or electric


BS600 Concrete Mixer Machine


Concrete Mixer Machine - BS600



This Concrete Mixer Machine is the ultimate in durability and will last a lifetime.Cast iron drum with oversize gears. Ideal where production is of utmost priority.


Drum Volume: 600 Litres Wet


Mixing Capacity: 510 Litres


Drum Speed: 24rpm


Discharge Height: 430mm


Engine Type: Diesel Engine Hand Crank


Max Output :5hp / 1500rpm


Starting System:Hand Crank Start


Weight (Kg) 336


Dimension (LxWxH) (mm) 2190 x 1090 x 1520


Alternative usages of Concrete Mixing Machines


Modified concrete mixer machines are also popular in the food industry. Fitted with an electric single or three phase motor,noise and fume levels are within regulations,even when operating the machine indoors mixing food. Usually mixing equipment in the food industry is made from stainless steel, but when using machines that are made of mild steel, the drum inside is coated by a special plastic coating process.


This ensures the machines are suitable for the mixing of food ingredients fit for human consumption. The modified machines are used for mixing spices for biltong, which is a big favourite in South Africa, as well as mixing different masalas, curries, spice combinations and muesli’s. All these mixes must be very dry, which makes the machine perfect for the job.They are often used for mixing animal feeds, in the correct predetermined ratios to ensure a balance meal.


Model BS600 Concrete mixer machines is popular in the concrete furniture industry.Due to its considerable weight this machine it is best to use in one place for specific project.The attributes of the BS600 model allows the concrete furniture manufacturer the benefit of mixing colour and texture into the mix.


The BS600 Concrete mixer machines produce large quantities of mixed concrete at a time ensuring complete sets of furniture can be cast all in one go. This is crucial to prevent the concrete from cracking.


BS Commercial Power- Your best supplier of Concrete Mixer Machines


Every professional dreads equipment breakdown on site. Not only is a concrete mixer machine one of the most important and frequently used pieces of equipment on the job site, but in case of its breakdown the whole construction site grinds to a halt. Cost over runs and missed deadlines are very costly and need to be avoided.


In the case of the unavoidable breakdown, the machine needs to be repaired as soon as possible. This requires top support and backup from the concrete mixer machine supplier. Their technicians need to be well-trained, their workshops need to have the suitable specialized equipment and special tools, and their call out rates reasonable.


BS Commercial Power remains proud of a reputation for supplying excellent concrete mixer machines of various models at excellent prices, and we are also proud of the many satisfied clients who have already used our services. We can supply to all of South Africa and other Southern African countries. We believe we will be able to supply you with a machine – or other equipment – that fits your requirements.


With an expert, friendly team waiting to help with your enquiries we are sure you will enjoy a pleasant experience buying from us, and we are waiting for your call.We ensure that we keep prices as low as possible while providing customers with quality equipment – we also deal in top names such as Honda, Husqvarna , Briggs and Stratton – and we are more than happy to offer the Baumax range of concrete mixer machines as we believe it represents the best available.


Sturdy, reliable and powerful, these machines are used across the world with great effect and are known for their reliability among other excellent features. Why not get in touch with us at BS Commercial Power right now and see how we can help you find the best concrete mixer machines and equipment for your business?