Concrete Mixer for Sale: Choose from a wide range supplied by BS Commercial Power

Construction Equipment - BauMax BS361 Concrete Mixer

Are you looking for a concrete mixer for sale? Many building projects need proper machinery, especially a concrete mixer, also referred to as a cement mixer. Without a modern and efficient concrete mixer, you will be hard pressed to complete you project successfully, on time and productively. We have compiled a handy guide giving you all you need to know when choosing a concrete mixer for sale.


Historically most concrete mixers for sale were imported from factories in Italy and France. Due to cost advantages and competitive labour rates, competitors emerged from Brazil and China. So with all the different models and brands, searching for a suitable concrete mixer for sale can be a daunting task.


To assist you in your decision of which concrete mixer for sale you should go for, let’s have a look at the considerations you should be aware before purchasing a concrete mixer for sale.


• Commercial or Home application

• Drum Volume and Production Capacity

• Site tow or High Speed Towable

• Power options: Petrol, Diesel or Electric

• Finish: Regular paint or Powder coated

• Safety requirements

• New or Used

• Brand Reputation


Commercial or Light Duty Application


When searching for a concrete mixer for sale, one of the most important determining factors of which model or brand to choose are the application. Concrete mixers for light duty applications are usually sold in mass stores, whereas mixers for commercial applications are usually stocked by specialist dealers.


Light duty concrete mixers are usually made from less expensive materials, smaller and lighter in size, and some of their parts are made from plastic. They are usually powered by a 220v small electric motor. Often, they are sold in a box and need to be assembled at home.


Commercial machines are more robustly constructed and are heavier with larger capacities. Their ring gear cover and canopies are made of steel vs the light duty mixers which is made from plastic.


Example of concrete mixers for sale for commercial applications:


Baumax BS361



Concrete Mixer- Baumax BS361




This Concrete Mixer is ideally suited to owner builders and rental companies. The mixer has a ring gear cover and enclosed engine cabin to ensure operator safety.


Robot welded.

Drum Volume: 360L

Capacity Unmixed: 260L Mixed*: 200L

Drum Speed: 25RPM

Output: 5m3 per hour

Mix cycle: 2,5 minutes



Height: 1450mm

Weight: 200Kg

Transmission: V Belt

Engine: Baumax RX200 2:1 Engine 6.5HP

Chassis: Robustly constructed from channel iron and folded metal

Wheels: Semi Solid Wheels

Option: High speed towable wheels on 145 x 10 Pneumatic wheels.


*Machine output varies according to type of material and drum inclination

Baumax BS420



Concrete Mixer-Baumax BS420




This Concrete Mixer is ideally suited to owner builders and rental companies. The mixer has a ring gear cover and enclosed engine cabin to ensure operator safety.


Robot welded.

Drum Volume: 420L

Capacity Unmixed: 295L Mixed*: 230L

Drum Speed: 25RPM

Output: 6m3 per hour

Mix cycle: 2,5 minutes



Height: 1450mm

Weight: 220Kg

Transmission: V Belt

Engine: Baumax RX200 2:1 Engine 6.5HP

Chassis: Robustly constructed from channel iron and folded metal

Wheels: Semi Solid Wheels

Option: High speed towable wheels on 145 x 10 Pneumatic wheels.


Baumax BS500



Concrete Mixer - Baumax BS500



The Concrete Mixer is ideally suited for contractors and rental companies.

The mixer has a ring gear cover and enclosed engine cabin to ensure operator safety.

Chassis: Robustly constructed from channel iron and folded metal.

Ultra-Durable 3mm Drum bottom.

Total volume: 500L

Capacity (Unmixed): 350L

Capacity (Mixed)*: 280L

Drum Rotation: 24rpm

Weight without engine: 270Kg

Drum Thickness: 3mm

Wheels Solid rubber wheels with bearings.

Dimensions (LxWxH) 2155mmX1045mmX1550mm

Drum Volume and production capacity


Drum capacity for light duty mixers is usually between 120L and 250L. Commercial site mixers drum volume ranges from 350L, for the tilt drum type mixer, to up to 1000L for the hydraulic reversing drum mixer. The most popular site mixers have drum volumes of about 350L to 400L. They can take one bag of cement and the 500L models take 1.5 bags of cement.


The larger the drum, and as result the drum volume, the drum thickness of a concrete mixer for sale needs to increase. The Baumax mixers boasts an industry leading drum bottom thickness of 3mm. Most competitor models are 2.5mm or even 2.3mm. Site tow or high speed towable


Concrete mixers for sale are available with site wheels for limited mobility, or high speed towable options up to 100km/h. High speed kits are usually applied locally, but remember your supplier need to be registered with the authorities to be certified for road use. The standard site concrete mixer for sale can be transported by bakkie and easily loaded onto the vehicle by two to three persons. It is supplied with two solid rubber wheels.

Power options: Petrol, Diesel or Electric


Concrete mixers for sale are available in Petrol, Diesel or electric motor. When electricity is available, an on-site electric motor is a popular choice. For production work, many users opt for a three phase 380V option.


If you opt for a petrol concrete mixer for sale, you have a choice between a straight shaft or 2:1 reduction engine with gearbox. 2:1 reduction engines are advisable, as it reduces belt slippage and also ensures the concrete mixer drum rotates at the correct speed. Most manufacturers require their concrete mixer drums rotate at 24rpm to ensure the best quality, and consistent concrete mixing.


For the commercial users the Honda GX160LX are the go-to option, but the Baumax RX200 also proves to be very popular.



Honda XG160LX



Honda XG160LX



Type: Air cooled 4-stroke OHV petrol engine

Bore and Stroke: 68mm x 54mm

Displacement: 163 cc

Compression Ratio: 8.5:1

Ignition system: Transistorized Magneto

Starting system: Recoil

Oil capacity: 0.6L

Fuel tank capacity (litres): 3.1

Air Cleaner: Dual

Fuel consumption at rated power 1.4 L/h

Dimensions (L x W x H): 304 mm × 362 mm× 335 mm

Dry weight (kg): 15



Baumax RX200



Baumax RX200




2:1 Reduction engine wit 3/4 inch 2:1 Reduction Kway Shaft suitable for concrete mixers

Bore/Stroke: 68mm×54mm

Displacement: 196cc

Compression: 8.5:1

Rated Output: 3.8kw/3600rpm

Max Torque (Nm): 10.7/2500rpm

Dimensions: 380x325x270

Net Weight: 13Kg

Diesel engines are very durable with great fuel economy, but they are more expensive. Yanmar and Baumax are the two popular power options.

Baumax BD178







Model: BD178

Engine Type: 1-Cylinder,4-Stroke, Air-cooled

Combustion System: Direct injection

Broke * Stroke[mm]: 78 * 62

Displacement: 0.296

Compression Ratio: 20:1

Rated Speed[rpm]: 3000/3600

Rated Power[Kw]: 3.7/4.0

Rated Power [Hp]: 5.0 5.4

Starting System: F: Recoil starter E: Electric starter

Fuel Tank Capacity[L]: 3.5

Lube[L]: 1.1

Fuel Consumption [g/kwh]: 275/280

Fuel: 0#(summer), -10#(winter) Diesel oil

Lube: SAE10W30 ( above CD grade )

Overall Dimension [mm], (L*W*H): 383*421*450

N.W[Kg]: F:33 E: 38

Rotation Direction (View from Flywheel): Clockwise


Finish: Regular Paint or Powder Coated Finish


Most concrete mixers for sale are supplied with a regular paint finish. Powder coated paint application is available for users that require a more refined finish. Powder coating is a process where paint is applied using electrostatic process.


This was invented in the 1950’s and later applied in the motor vehicle industry. The concrete mixer is connected to a ground wire whilst the electrostatic paint application nozzle applies the paint particles. This ensures a superb application of the paint to the metal surface.


The paint is then cured in an oven. The result is a luxury, smooth finish with reflective qualities. A Powder coated paint finish on a concrete mixer for sale also tends to last longer than that of an ordinary paint application.



Safety requirements


It is important to note that not all concrete mixers for sale are supplied with the required safety equipment. It is important that the mixer is supplied with a ring gear guard and engine canopy. The ring gear guard ensures the moving gears are concealed.


The engine canopy prevents operator clothing or body parts getting into contact with the engine pulley while operating. If you have decided on an electric concrete mixer for sale, ensure that the electric motor has the required certification and is operated in dry conditions. The electric cord length should also not exceed 15m.

New or used


If you are in the market for a concrete mixer for sale, you have the option to choose between new or used units.
Used units might be attractive as they are much cheaper than new ones but might require extensive repair and maintenance. The most robust mixers have an expected lifespan of 10 years when used regularly. The mixing drum of the concrete mixer for sale is the determining factor in how long the useful life of the machine will be.


The drum is the largest and most expensive piece of a cement mixer. Once the drum becomes worn or torn from the drum shaft, it will need to be replaced. As the drum is quite expensive, most users write the mixer off at that stage.
Baumax concrete mixers for sale has a 3mm drum bottom, with welded cone support to the drum shaft. This prevents the drum from tearing off the shaft. It also ensures a better and more consistent cement mix.


Tilting gears, ring gears and bevel pinions are wearing parts. Bevel pinions are usually replaced every one to two years. They are a smaller gear with less surface area that the large ring gear and rotates at a higher rpm and as a result are worn more regularly.

Brand Reputation


As you may be aware, there are many models and brands of concrete mixers for sale available to the South African market. Many are substandard copies that are manufactured in Asia.


It is important to consider if the brand you are considering is well trusted with a solid reputation in the industry. A good measure of quality is to look at what the rental industry is using. As they purchase long lasting, robust concrete mixers, it is usually a good indication of a quality brand or manufacturer.


At BS Commercial Power they only stock the most reliable and robust concrete mixers for sale. Currently they stock the BS361, BS500 and the ultra-robust BS600. In September 2020 they are expecting the arrival of their much-awaited new concrete mixer for sale, the BS 420.


The 400L class has proven to be the most in demand models in South Africa. With the addition of the Baumax BS420 they will be able to serve the professional contractor even better. If the rumours of their exceptional robustness appear to be correct , the BS420 might soon be a market leader.


Later in December 2020 they are adding the last model to the stable to complete the range: The Baumax BS250 concrete mixer for sale. This mixer is made of the same steel as his bigger brothers and every bit as robust, but intended for smaller projects.


So if you are looking for the very best concrete mixer for sale, then make sure to contact the experienced team at BS Commercial Power. They supply concrete mixers for sale to Southern Africa including Namibia, Angola, Botswana and Mozambique.