Concrete Mixer: Creating A Space That Works For You



One may not associate a concrete mixer with a comfortable, functional workspace – but BS Power is here to explain the link between the two. With a reliable concrete mixer and a vision, the ideal additional workspace in your home is within your reach.


Following the worldwide pandemic, working from home has become far more normal. Many companies and employees have adopted remote or hybrid working, operating fully from home, or coming into the office a few times during the week. Technology makes working from home a breeze. Customers and clients, employees and employers alike are easily able to connect, chat and strategize. Meetings, presentations, communications and more can be done online.


Some of the benefits of working remotely include more freedom and flexibility, saving time and money by not having to commute to and from work during busy hours, being able to spend more time with family or simply enjoying your living space, and added comfort or being at home.


However, taking your work home means that you need to have an efficient setup to complete your daily work tasks. This usually includes electricity, WiFi, a computer or laptop, and a distraction-free workplace. Many remote workers enjoy the novelty of spending their day in a coffee shop, but as remote work has become more popular, coffee shops are becoming noisy and crowded, and it is an expensive daily habit.


If you are working from home, planning to work from home, or simply wanting to create an office space for part-time work or admin, then continue reading to find out how BS Power can help you on your journey to creating a functional, professional workplace.


The Remote Work Revolution


Remote work has been evolving into somewhat of a necessity for employees and businesses, and employees working from home need to adapt accordingly. Gone are the days of it being acceptable to sit on the couch and work in front of the TV, or lie in bed and complete tasks. Research has shown that if a person is working from home, they need to have a dedicated workspace that is organized, distraction-free, and private. Many businesses require this from employees opting to work remotely.




If working remotely from home is going to become a permanent part of your job, your home needs to have a dedicated space for that. For those that don’t have that space, it is time to consider investing in a small home renovation project, to create a functional, professional office space for you to complete your daily responsibilities.


Designing The Home Office: The Role Of Concrete Mixers


Usually, we wouldn’t hear ‘working from home’ and ‘concrete mixers’ in the same sentence. But, in order to work from home, you need a carefully planned and dedicated office space, which needs to be designed and built, and this is where ‘concrete’ and ‘mixer’ among words like blueprints and construction come into the conversation.


Creating a functional, and aesthetic home office space involves a careful and well-planned construction process. Not only is a home office an investment that likely increases property value, it is also a job that should not be taken lightly and needs to be properly done. This process involves structural planning, alterations, equipment and a mixer.




When transforming a living space into a home office, you will most likely be presented with two options:


  • Repurposing and modifying an existing room.
  • Constructing a whole next room or addition to the existing home.


Any kind of modification relies heavily on the existing structural elements and their integrity, which are all concrete-based. The existing foundation, flooring and walls would have been made using internal support, concrete and a mixer.


Concrete mixers are an essential tool for all building projects, big and small, as it prepares the concrete mixture used in the construction process. Here are all the ways a concrete mixer would be involved in any construction or home renovation/ expansion project:


1. Flooring:


Starting from the ground up, flooring is an essential part of any building, home or space. It has an impact on both the aesthetics and the functionality of the space.


Aesthetically, concrete floors originally had a very industrial feel, and were reserved for cold, mechanical industrial settings. As we all know, that is no longer the case. The concrete floor has become a popular choice for modern homes and spaces. The concrete is prepared and mixed in a concrete mixer and poured onto the flooring surface to create a smooth concrete floor that is later polished and coated with a shiny or matte finish.


The concrete floor is stylish and minimalist, enhancing the visual appeal of any space. They are also longer lasting than wooden or tile floors and require far less maintenance.


Creating an office space or any home space with a concrete floor ensures a modern, timeless look, with the relatively discrete concrete grey allowing the space to be decorated or designed without limits on colour and texture.


2. Concrete Work Counters:


Along with concrete flooring, concrete countertops also quickly gained popularity. Seen specifically in outdoor entertainment spaces and kitchen areas, concrete countertops are sturdy, simple and visually appealing. Using concrete, these countertops can be customised to specific dimensions as well as design preferences.


Use a concrete mixer to create custom countertops for your kitchen, or living area or add a modern, durable and distinctive touch to your home office space with a workplace made from a concrete design.




3. Outdoor Spaces:


As mentioned before, concrete flooring and countertops are popular for outdoor spaces. You can easily hire a concrete mixer and create an appealing and modern outdoor space.


As much as your home space will also be your place of work, this doesn’t mean that you should neglect your relaxation and entertainment areas. Concrete mixers play a vital role in the construction of outdoor areas, outdoor seating or firepits, patios and walkways, and can be utilised to take your outdoor space to the next level, whilst also being easy to maintain and enjoy.


Concrete Mixer – A Space That Works For You


If you’re going to be working from home, then you deserve to not only have an effective, private workspace or office but also a home space in its entirety that is comfortable, aesthetic and functional. Using a concrete mixer for your home renovations will allow you to create a space that you enjoy spending time in, inside and outside.


Now that you have an idea of what can be done, we’re going to cover how it can be done.


Vision And Plan For Your Space


Nothing can be done without planning and inspiration. Decide what you want your space to look like and how you want it to function, and then you need to get these plans professionally drawn up and approved, to ensure they are structurally sound and will function as you desire. With any home renovations, the existing structure needs to be taken into consideration.


Doing adequate research beforehand will help you decide what kind of space you need to work efficiently, and what functions it needs to serve.


Hiring A Concrete Mixer


Home renovations have become increasingly popular, saving individuals money and allowing them complete control over the process. BS Power aims to meet this demand, by supplying not only construction companies but private individuals with the equipment and tools they need to complete jobs of all types and scales.


Not only can you hire a mixer of your desired size from BS Power, you can hire a range of other essential equipment, and purchase any materials you need for your home construction project.


Consult The Concrete Experts


No matter how much research you do, nothing you learn online will be as valuable as what an expert can teach you, or show you. With years of knowledge and experience, the staff at BS Power are more than qualified to guide you through the operation, and the steps of the construction process and recommend the necessary steps to take and materials you will need for the outcome to be exactly as intended.


BS Power will be able to recommend the perfect-sized mixer for your project. You can choose to hire or purchase one. Many believe that only construction companies and their crews purchase mixers, but this is not true. With so many different sizes and types, the average consumer is more than able to purchase one as an investment for future projects, and a handy piece of equipment that makes any job involving concrete much quicker and easier.




Using A Concrete Mixer


Operating a concrete mixer is a relatively simple process, but precautions need to be taken when using any kind of equipment. Here is an outline of the steps involved:


1. Setup


Choose a suitable location that offers a flat and even surface to set the concrete mixer up. Concrete mixing can be a messy task, so be sure to place temporary barriers around it if you wish to protect the surface and surroundings in the area of operation. When setting up the mixer, you will find the instructions and operations manual. Take the time to read it to ensure you have covered all of the controls as well as methods of operation before you begin.


2. Safety Gear


When setting up and using the mixer, it is important to wear safety gear. This includes gloves, safety glasses or goggles and closed solid footwear for your own protection.


3. Prepare The Mixture


Ensure that you have all the necessary materials for your concrete mix ready to add to the cement mixer. The concrete mix usually consists of cement, water, aggregates, and other materials that may be included depending on the type of concrete.


Check inside the barrel before adding your materials to ensure no debris or dirt could affect the outcome of the concrete mix. Use a bucket of other measuring tools to add your materials into the drum as per instructions given with the material mixture. Water is typically the last thing added to the mix, in careful quantities.


4. Mixing


Turn the mixer on, and continue adding water as instructed, being careful not to put too much in and cause the mixture to become too runny.


Monitor the mixing concrete, ensuring that the consistency is correct as well as the final quantity produced. Concrete should have a workable homogeneous consistency, meaning it should not be runny, and it should not be dry.


5. Pour The Mixture


Depending on the area being created, you will be pouring the finished mixture into moulds, or onto the floor to create smooth flooring or minimalist concrete countertops. No matter what you are creating with the finished mixture, ensure you take your time in the final steps, and allow adequate time for it to dry and set.


Concrete Mixer From B.S Power


No matter what your dreams and visions are for your home office or other spaces in your home, BS Power is here to equip you with the tools and equipment you need to get started on your big home renovation or alteration journey, or your next small project.