Cement Mixers: The Quintessential Construction piece


Cement mixers will be your go to piece of equipment on any construction site and their durability, portability and overall benefits will speed up the process and lay down the foundation for any building project. Although common in the construction and development realm, cement mixers vary in capacity, operation and features and choosing between them can be a daunting task. In just six minutes reading time, learn all about cement mixers and decide which machine will be the beginning of your building project.


What cement mixers do we stock?


BS Power has range of cement mixers for sale that will meet all of your construction needs. We understand that our customers’ needs vary, and that not everyone has the same budget. This is why we have a broad range of cement mixers available, from simple budget options to elite and high-class machinery, all options getting the job done. These cement mixers are ideal for owners, builders and rental companies alike. They all have a ring gear cover and enclosed engine cabin which ensures that the operators are safe at all times. Below are some of the mixers that we offer:






Cement Mixers - Baumax RX200



Cement mixer - Baumax RX200 engine







Cement Mixers - BS361



Cement Mixer- Baumax BS361







Cement Mixers - Baumax 600





Cement Mixer Machine - BS600



Tips and tricks when choosing cement mixers:


When choosing a cement mixer, there are a few important things to bear in mind, in terms of the buying process, transportation and usage. Here are a few points to help you out when choosing a cement mixer:


– Usage: Before embarking on the process of buying your machine, you need to decide what you will actually be needing the machinery for and what your building plans are. Make sure that you have a clear idea of the path ahead and that all of your construction plans, legal obligations and nitty gritty details are sorted out before you even start building. Once you have this set blueprint and plan in front of you it will become clear what you need to do, and what machinery you need. You may find that your building project is large enough that you require two mixers! If that’s the case it may be worth seeing if they offer a discount when you buy two. Make sure that the cement mixer you choose will also work practically for your construction site. If you know you will need to continuously transport the machine from one side of the site to the next, make sure you opt for portable mixers with durable wheels.



– Budget: Before you wishfully browse for the perfect cement mixer, have a clear and set budget. Decide on a realistic budget beforehand, bearing in mind other purchases you may need for your building process, and also items you may need to invest in as they will be frequently needed on site, such as cement mixers. There is no point looking through the concrete mixers and finding the perfect one, only to find out its way above your price range. In saying this, do be realistic about the fact that this piece of machinery is essentially the starting point for any building, and it does cost as such. You will be paying for a quality product that will be able to withstand the chaos of a construction site whilst efficiently getting the job done. The general price range for cement mixers is around R20 000-R26 000 but the top of the range fully equipped models with maximum engine capacity can go for around R54 000.


– Catalogues: A great way to make sure that you stay within your price range is to make use of catalogues. Online catalogues enable you to shop for the perfect piece of machinery from the comfort of your own home, where you can apply specific filters to your search and find the perfect piece of equipment that matches your budget, specifications and uses! Shopping through online platforms and catalogues is also a great way to avoid having to drag yourself out the house and to the shops. During these Covid-19 times, we want our customers to rest assured that they can receive the same quality products and services from the safety of their own homes.


– Transport: Another factor that is not often thought about is transport. These machines are hefty and can weigh over 200 Kg, so it would be quite unrealistic to think that you can rock up on the day and carry the machine to the boot of your Polo. If you know that you will be going out and purchasing cement mixers, then prepare as such and borrow a bakkie or a heavy-duty vehicle. Remember, if you are transporting the machine in the back of bakkie, then you need to make sure that the machine is secure with padding and bungee cords. A way to entirely avoid this process is to order online and opt for delivery. You may end up paying a minor delivery fee but your machine will be safely packaged into a customized delivery vehicle, and dropped off at your desired location for your convenience.


Some unique uses for a cement mixer: not just a one trick pony



Cement mixers are shockingly gaining popularity among other industries, and while it may surprise you, these machines are increasingly being used in the food industry. The developments and production advancements in the field of construction equipment means that most machinery is manufactures using safe materials. Whilst the outside is made of mild steel, the interior of the mixing drum is coated in a specific plastic coating.


This coating creates a barrier between steel and contents and makes it great for mixing food ingredients such as spices. An old favourite, is to use the mixing drum to create an aromatic blend of South African spices, fit for coating biltong and ensuring a thoroughly mixed spice ratio. These mixers have also been used to mix dry animal feed, again determining the exact ratios needed, which enables farmers and animal feed suppliers to easily and efficiently mix and organise animal feed, ready for packaging.


The fact that the machine can store and mix such a large capacity as well as variety of things such as grain and corn, it also makes it great for large industrial sized kitchens. Large feeding programs or operations such as hospitals, prisons, rehabilitation centres, school camps and other feeding schemes will be able to easily and quickly combine all ingredients and serve up meals to feed an army.
Another brilliant feature of some cement mixers is that they are fitted with an electric single phase or three phase motor which maintains noise as well as fume levels. This means that even if the machine is being used indoors, such as for mixing food, it will release minimal fumes and will be reasonably silent!


BS Commercial Power is your ultimate supplier in cement mixers


BS Commercial Power is your go to option when in the market for mixers. BS Power offers customers great value for money, friendly customer service, efficient operation as well as an incredible technician service. On a construction site, a breakdown of equipment is a dreaded situation! A cement mixer breakdown, however, is simply disastrous as the piece of machinery is used for so many different and important tasks on a construction site.


It means the entire plans for the day will come to a halt and you will be losing time and money waiting around for a backup option, or stressfully dealing with repairmen who want to charge you an exorbitant call out fee. Waiting on a machine to get repaired means that you miss deadlines and important milestones in your building project, which if you are building for someone else, could lead to some very unhappy clients. If your machine breaks down, simply give us a call and we’ll send out one of our well-trained technicians who has been in the game for years.