Cement Mixers Let You Go From Basic To Iconic

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Would you like to be the next big architectural legend but don’t know how to get there? No worries, let our professionals at BSPower show you how investing in a cement mixer may assist you in constructing the most iconic of buildings. As trusted suppliers in the construction industry, we are here to help you take your construction projects to the next level. So if you would like to be the next big thing in the landscaping world, take a look at this article on how a cement mixer can make your building astonishing!


What is a cement mixer?


Now we know you are planning to go big, otherwise you would be wasting your time on reading this article. However, even Picasso had to scribble before he could paint. So, let us go back to the basics.


We are sure you had to learn all the basics when first starting out in the industry, like knowing how to wield a grinder or throw down some bricks. Maybe the term is laid down some bricks? See, this is why we are going back to the basics. The first thing to ask, is what exactly is a cement mixer?


A cement mixer is the hulk of the construction industry. This is because cement mixers are a type of heavy machinery that has been designed to mix cement faster, harder, and better than humans. The machinery is heavily powered allowing the device to be capable of processing a large amount of cement mixture through the enforcement of high strength levels that mix the cement thoroughly.


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How do cement mixers work?


Before you can go big you need to go home. Not literally, figuratively. Before you can become the next best thing in construction since Gustave Eiffel, you need to go back to your roots and relearn the things that, by now, you may think you know all too well. However, is it not better to know too much than too little?


A standing cement mixer has a large oval-shaped mixing drum. This drum is also called a bucket and is constantly being rotated and tilted. This is an important part of the cement mixing process as the rotation ensures the mixture is thoroughly combined.


However, the cement mixing alone is not what makes for high-quality cement. You need to get your recipe right, if the ratio of water, sand, and stones of your cement mixture may not result as it should. Thus, when adding the mixture to the cement mixer ensure that you add everything and do not miss a thing as this may result in your cement not being functional.


Everyone needs to crawl before they can run. That is why this article aims to take you back to the basics of cement mixing. To ensure we lead on the right path here follows a few steps on the workings of cement mixers.


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Step One: Get the recipe right


As mentioned, your cement mixture needs to contain the right amount of everything so the cement will come out right. Think about baking a loaf of bread if you miss the yeast or baking today you risk your bread falling flat or not being fluffy. Cement is made up of water, sand and stones.


The ratio of the ingredients should be added correctly. You will need a 50 Kg bag of cement, 90 litres of medium building sand, 90 litres of stone and aggregates, and lastly 36 litres of water.


The best way to mix the cement recipe also needs to be done in a few steps. First, add the stone and gravel while the mixture is rotated in the cement mixer. Then add half of the water in and mix for a few minutes, after this add the cement mixture and mix for a few minutes again. The last step is to add the sand and the other half of the water, and then let the entire mixture revolve in the bin for a while to ensure everything has been thoroughly mixed.


Step two: Always keep the drum tilting


Just as you would like to keep your work going, keep your drum tilting. Cement mixers keep your work going by keeping the cement mixing. The drum should always be tilted so that the mixture keeps being combined. It is ideal for the drum to be sat at a 60-degree angle on the rotation wheel, this is a precaution that the mixture does not spill.


Step three: Give the mixture enough time


Patience is key. Under the pressure of time, you may be tempted to speed up the mixing process so your work will take place faster, try not to be impatient. Always give enough time for the cement to be mixed properly so your results may be of adequate condition.


Do’s and Don’t of Cement Mixers


Now that you have read the steps in regards to the workings of cement mixers, you may rest assured that the basic steps have been undergone and accomplished. So, let us move on to one tiny yet important part of cement mixing. That is the do’s and don’ts of cement mixers.


Do not overload the mixer. The cement mixer comes with a weight limit indicating the capacity of mixture it is able to hold, we recommend that you stick to these weight limit precautions as a means of not damaging your machine. At times when the machines do get over-capacitated the cement mixer will not perform properly and the arm of the machine might even get broken.


Do not forget regular maintenance on your machine. If you would like to prevent damage and decrease safety risks, we recommend that you perform regular maintenance and service checks on your cement mixers. The bearings and points of cement mixers may need to be regularly oiled and greased. These maintenance performances are recommended to take place on a weekly basis.


Do not forget to check the ring gear. Before starting the machine, the ring gear should be checked as this will ensure smooth running for the machine. If the ring gear is not as it should be you may find it best to adjust the gear for even running and performance.


Do not let the mixture dry. Some excess mixture may fall out of the machine and land on its exterior which is why the machine should always be sprayed down after use. This may be done with a high-pressure washer and is important as excess cement sticking to the machine may cause damage.


Do not hit the drum. You might be thinking we are insane for mentioning this, however, people have the tendency to become aggressive and impatient. At this time rather than kicking dirt, they may take a sharp or hard object and hit the drum. We do not recommend you do this as the machine may break. In other instances, and perhaps more regular instances, some people try to remove old hardened cement from the machine with sharp objects which may cause harm to the machine.


The Do’s of cement mixers are far less extensive, however it is recommended.


Do keep your mixer in good condition. The performing of daily check-ups on the cement mixers is a crucial part of keeping the mixer and your business going. This daily task will not require much of your time as all you need to do is check the bearings and pour arms.


Do check the air cleaner. By checking the air cleaner, you can be sure to know that there is no dust and dirt caught up. This will also ensure that a major safety risk and fire hazard have been avoided.


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Do check the oil level and drive belt. Like any form of heavy machinery cement mixers require oil in their hydraulic systems to perform successfully and the drive belt to work accordingly. Thus, by checking your oil levels you keep your construction business running like a well-oiled machine.


How do cement mixers make you go from basic to iconic?


You are probably thinking we have made you read this entire article without actually telling you how your construction company can become iconic with the use of cement mixers. Well, here is how:


  1. Firstly, the cement mixer allows your construction to be done in the blink of an eye. This allows you to leave your clients happy and satisfied. When clients are left satisfied, the likelihood that they will recommend your work to others becomes higher and will cause your company to excel in no time.
  2. Secondly, the cement mixer allows you to mix the amount of cement you need on-site. This reduces the time needed for travelling and delivery as well as limits the amount of money you spend. And, let’s face it with the petrol prices of today people will save travelling expenses wherever they can.
  3. Thirdly, you reduce the number of workers you need. Thereby you save yourself human capital costs as having someone partaking in manual mixing requires you to pay human labourers. This means that more money can be placed toward the purchase of high-quality materials.
  4. In the fourth place, you know that the cement mixture you provide will be of high quality. You want to be an iconic construction worker, which means that the work you provide needs to be of a high standard. After all, do you think Jean Chalgrin and Gailaume-Abel Blouet made use of a low-quality cement mixture? No, they made use of high-quality products to ensure a high-prestige building was built.
  5. Fifthly, a cement mixer ensures for neat work to be the result. Cement mixers ensure that your site is left kept neat and tidy as it limits the amount of mess which may take place. Clients are more likely to trust and make use of construction workers who leave a clean or lead mess-free work site.


From this list, you can see that a cement mixer makes your life much easier and your work much more admirable. Being labelled an icon is more based on the review of your customers than anything else. Thus, you need to leave your customers satisfied by following the recommendation listed above.


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