Cement Mixers: Interesting Ways to Decorate Your Home with Concrete



Concrete is a highly versatile material. On the one hand, the strength and durability of concrete make it a first-choice building material for homes. On the other hand, the sleekness, affordability, and adaptability of concrete allow for endless creativity in the interior design of your home. In this quick guide, we have outlined 16 interesting ways that you can use concrete to decorate your home. Many of the concrete décor items highlighted in our guide can be made yourself as a fun project at home. B&S Commercial Power is a proud supplier of cement mixers that will make any concrete décor project faster and more enjoyable.


Top 16 Interesting Ways to Decorate Your Home with Concrete:


Modern and contemporary homes are celebrating concrete in both architecture and interior design. Concrete is a top trending design material as it allows you to bring décor and design elements into your home that can be subtle and sophisticated or bold and personalised, the choice is truly yours with concrete. From gentle nods to concrete as style elements to stand-out concrete design features, we have something for every home in our top 16 interesting ways to decorate with concrete.


1) Concrete Basins:


If you have been following the Australian The Block 2021, you may have spotted the use of concrete basins by contestants Kirsty and Jesse in their primary bedroom en-suite. These smooth two-toned blue concrete basins were a dreamy addition to their bathroom, and can equally add a splash of concrete and sophistication to your bathrooms. You can choose to stick to the sleek grey concrete finish or have the concrete coloured to a tone that cohesively blends in with your bathroom colour scheme.




2) Concrete Walls:


One bold way to feature concrete as a design element is to use it as a feature wall in your home. While concrete walls can be cold, one single feature wall can create a modern touch while still offering a neutral colour palette for the rest of your furnishings. Typically concrete is seen on exterior walls, so by bringing the texture and lightness of concrete inside you will be showcasing concrete in an intriguing way in your home.


3) Concrete Lamps:


Lamps positioned next to your bedside or on coffee tables can bring extra light and warmth into a space. To have unique lamps, you can opt to have the lamp bases made out of concrete. The malleability of wet concrete means that you can use any type of mould for your concrete lamps, allowing you endless opportunities to create something that is both functional and beautiful.


4) Concrete Bathtub:


The bathtub is often the focal point in a bathroom, so why not create a moment of intrigue by opting for a concrete bath. Concrete baths are extremely sleek and modern, allowing you to bring concrete into the design of your bathroom in an elegant way. You can also have a bathtub that is designed to the exact size and style that you require, allowing you to have lavish bubble baths tailored exactly to you.




5) Concrete Bookends:


Bring a small touch of concrete into your home with concrete bookends. If you are an avid book collector, concrete bookends will keep your books upright and organised on your bookshelves or cabernets. You can also use these bookends to store your favourite recipe books on your shelves in your kitchen. Concrete bookends can be as simple or crafty as you like, allowing for an opportunity for creativity and personalisation in your home.


6) Concrete Countertops:


Concrete countertops are an ideal way to bring concrete into the design of your home. Concrete countertops have become a popular design choice due to their durability, longevity, and easy maintenance of concrete. You can have concrete countertops in your kitchen or bathroom. For something outside the box, opt to have the sleek concrete countertops on your home bar to create a memorable moment in this fun space.


7) Concrete Indoor Fireplace:


In Winter there is nothing better than curling up next to your indoor fireplace. Indoor fireplaces are often designed as a feature in a lounge or bedroom, so why not take this design moment to the next level by creating a concrete fireplace. You can have concrete slabs surrounding a gas insert fireplace to create a modern synergy of functionality and style.


8) Concrete Organiser Tray:


We all need something to catch our earrings, car keys, till slips, and other small nick-nacks that clutter our table tops. An organiser tray is a simple and effective way to have all your small treasures neatly kept in one space. Have a touch of concrete in your home by designing and creating your own concrete organiser trays.


9) Concrete Letters or Numbers:


A fun and simple way to bring concrete as a décor piece into your home is to have concrete letters or numbers. You can have these concrete letters on your wall to spell out your family name or an inspirational word or you can have concrete letters next to your front door as your house number. This is an easy way to bring a personalised splash of concrete into your space.




10) Concrete Doorstop:


Doorstops are essential for homes but are often not considered a design element. Bring some design to this functional piece by purchasing or creating your own concrete doorstops. Concrete will make a sturdy door hold and also allow for creativity.


11) Concrete Wall Hooks:


Do you find that your front door is a chaotic dump of jackets, umbrellas, and keys? Keep all your items easily organised by creating concrete wall hooks for your front entrance. You can choose between an extensive array of moulds to create the exact wall hooks of your desires. Simply then just securely attach your concrete hooks near your door, and you have an easy way to hang your coat or your keys when you arrive home.


12) Concrete Pendant Lights:


Bring concrete into your home with flair in the form of concrete pendant lights. You can have concrete pendant lights designed in the exact shape, size, and style to suit the design of your home. You can have two single concrete pendants hanging over your bedside tables or a cluster of concrete pendants to create an interesting lighting feature over your dining room table. As subtle pops of light and concrete, these will be an excellent way to practically feature concrete in your home.




13) Concrete Candle Holders:


Elevate your candles by placing them in stylish concrete candle holders. Similar to concrete plant pots, you can have concrete candle holders designed in whatever shape or style that takes your fancy. As a small concrete feature, concrete candle holders are an effortless way to subtly highlight concrete as a design feature in your home. These can easily be made yourself, and you can feel the warm glow of pride when you enjoy your next candlelit dinner or bubble bath.


14) Concrete Clock:


Time is a precious commodity nowadays, so why not stay on track for meetings, school pickups, and weekend events with a large concrete clock in your home. This is a fun DIY project as all you will need is a mould in the shape of your choice, concrete, and a clock mechanism. This slight touch of concrete to a wall in your home will be both practical and an interesting design element.


15) Concrete Kitchen Backsplash:




Move over tiles, concrete is making waves as the top choice for a kitchen backsplash. Backsplashes need to be strong, durable, and easy-to-clean, and concrete ticks all of those boxes. If you have a modern kitchen, the cool and sleek tones of concrete will be the perfect finishing touch. A concrete backsplash will be superbly paired with a light stone countertop to continue the sophistication of the design or a butcher block countertop to create a divine contrast of crisp grey and natural warmth.


16) Concrete Plant Pots:


Indoor plants have been a long-lasting design trend, and we are extremely happy about that. Take your indoor plants to the next level by planting them in stylish concrete pots. Concrete plant pots allow for endless creativity as you can have a simple cylindrical shape in pure concrete or have geometric designs and add splashes of paint to bring in some colour. You can take this project to the next level by creating small concrete pots that can then hang in macrame plant holders around your home.


Create Concrete Décor with Cement Mixers from B&S Commercial Power:


Many of the interesting concrete décor pieces can be easily made by you at home with the assistance of a cement mixer. Cement mixers are specifically designed machines to provide you with homogeneously mixed cement in minutes, ensuring that you do not have to waste time and energy perfectly mixing cement for your concrete décor piece. When looking to create concrete décor pieces at home with a cement mixer, you can find a wide array available at B&S Commercial Power.


B&S Commercial Power is a proud supplier of Baumax cement mixers. We have three cement mixers available: the Baumax BS360L Concrete Mixer, the Baumax 400L Concrete Mixer, and the Baumax BS500L Concrete Mixer. We offer you a wide variety to ensure that you can find the exact cement mixer for your concrete project.


All the available cement mixers are fitted with a Baumax RX200 2:1 engine. This powerful engine is what ensures that your cement mixer will produce perfectly mixed cement or concrete, ensuring that the products you make will be strong and durable. We provide you with Baumax cement mixers fitted with Baumax engines because we trust the strength, performance, and longevity of these cement mixers.


With B&S Commercial Power, you can enjoy the time and energy-saving of using a cement mixer for your concrete décor pieces without breaking the budget. We provide a range of cement mixers so that you can easily find one suited to your desired spending range. We offer high-quality cement mixers at affordable prices so that you can always enjoy using a cement mixer for your concrete projects.




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Decorate your home with interesting concrete pieces that you made yourself with the assistance of cement mixers from B&S Commercial Power.