Cement Mixers: Building Low-Cost Housing Communities



Over the years cement mixers have played a vital role in constructing all kinds of buildings. From icons like the Sydney Opera House to the historical builds of cathedrals, cement mixers have been the ultimate and most cooperative helpers.


In South Africa, 16% of citizens live in informal dwellings. Slums, shanty towns, squatter camps, and even some backyard houses are all examples of informal settlements. Living in peace and comfort is very unlikely to be a reality for many residents of informal settlements.


Keep reading to learn how cement mixers can contribute to struggling communities, and the effect these tools can have when it comes to improving or building underprivileged communities. If you are interested in learning more about cement mixers and how they can help build low-income houses take a look through this quick article.


Improving Informal Settlements


Informal settlements are distinguished as residential living spaces that do not meet the local authority requirements for conventional formal townships. Some of us are lucky enough to be surrounded by security and warmth whenever we enter our homes, yet the sad reality for many is that they get to have a shelter and not a home.


People have the right to safety and security. Informal settlements tend to be built in unplanned and unauthorised areas which means that the areas where these informal communities are built tend to be unsafe and often unliveable. This is why there is a need for outreach construction workers to place their talents to use in these places where it is most needed.


Mixers make construction work fast and easy. They are effective in letting concrete be mixed thoroughly and successfully, which may be hard for people to do by hand. Cement mixers can be used for a large number of projects and tasks from do-it-yourselves, and improvement projects, all the way to large commercial operations. Thus, they would more than adequately be able to assist.


Save Time With Mixers


Time is essential when building low-cost properties. It takes seven to eight months to build a basic single-family home, this can be a major concerning factor for families with a low household income. Therefore, utilising cement mixers to build single-family homes may speed up the building process immensely.


Save Money With Mixers


If you’re interested in building low-cost houses for low-income families, saving money is crucial. If you were to have a cement mixer or to be on-site while building these houses, you would save yourself both time and money. This is because if you do not have your own cement mixer on site you would have to splurge extra costs on having ready-made cement ordered and transported to the site rather than just having your cement on hand any time you need.




Mixers Will Give You Cement Any Time


Forget the waiting for cement to be delivered! If you have a project at hand which requires you to build a large number of small houses in a short time you probably do not want to wait on cement to be delivered. There may be times when you partake in 24-hour work shifts so you can speed up the progress, then the likelihood that you will have cement delivered become slimmer so rather have your own cement mixer at hand with cement available any time anywhere.


Mixers Limit Salary Expenses


No cement mixer means more workers. Let us try to avoid that, as the hiring of additional staff to manually mix the cement needed means having to spend more money. If you were to save money on human labour you can shift the money saved to contribute to other expenses.


Mixers Improve The Health And Safety Of Workers


An extensively exhausting amount of labour is required for the manual mixing of cement. All your workers are crucial for a time-limited project such as building a community of low-cost houses. If your workers are over-exerting their muscles on manual cement mixing not only are their health and safety at risk but the completion and success of your project as well. Thus, the addition of the cement mixer takes so much weight off your shoulders.


Mixers allow For A Tidy Construction Site


Tidy work equals speedy work. Cement mixers allow for less clutter as not many tools need to be used for the mixing of cement. A tidy workspace will mean that workers have improved teamwork capabilities to keep your ship running smoothly.


Effectively Working Concrete Mixers


You have gotten this far in the article on mixers, we shall dub you interested. Thus, you should probably know how to work a cement mixer adequately. A cement mixer works by adding the mixture into the barrel, right? Maybe not so much, you are going to need to do a little bit more than that. Here are a few tips or steps on how to work a cement mixer.


1. Collect the materials you need


First of all, gather up all your material. This means you will need to acquire the aggregates, sand, and water that you need to throw into the cement mixer to make your cement. Now, line all those materials up by placing them in the order and the correct amounts you need.


2. Find a location for the mixer


Next up you should place the mixer into the spot you need it to be. The location where the cement mixer is placed should be a clear open space. The amount of space where the mixer is placed should not be cluttered and it should be easily accessible. Another important thing to take note of when placed in the mixer is that the place where the mixer is set down is level and firm.


3. Turn on the machine


This next step is very important if you want to be able to mix the cement. Why? Well, now you need to turn on the machine! Pay attention to make sure the nozzle of the machine is facing upward before igniting the machine. This means that the machine should be facing upward at a 45-degree angle.




4. Add the material to the machine


Now, you will need to start adding your ingredients. Keep focus while adding as too much of one ingredient can lead to unusable concrete. After adding the mixture, allow the mixing process to take place for three to four minutes. Patience is key for quality cement.


5. All done!


Shut off the mixer and pour out the cement. You will have to pour out the concrete now, however, this should be done with care. It is not advised to insert sticks or shovels into the mixer as the mixer can be pointed and tilted where the concrete needs to be poured. Also, inserting foreign objects into the mixer may cause unwanted and irreversible damage to the mixer.


Cement mixers are easy to use once you understand them. However, cement mixers will provide you with high-quality cement only if you treat them with sufficient care and maintenance. So, now let us look at the various ways in which you can take care of your mixer so that the object will stay working over a longer period.


How To Maintain A Cement Mixer


From start to finish, mixers need to be checked regularly. The upkeep and maintenance of a cement mixer require a daily routine to be set in place. So, first thing in the morning when workers get on site it is advised that the cement mixer be checked to be empty.


Before starting your daily mixing, ensure no waste is stuck. The cement mixer will only be able to produce high-quality cement if it is maintained well and cleanly. Therefore, before starting to mix up more cement ensure that all concrete build-up is removed from the walls and floors of the mixer.


Mixers should be cleaned thoroughly. To ensure the smooth running of a cement mixer, the mixer should be well-cleaned with a high-pressure washer and wand. This should be done at the end of each working day. Avoid using hard objects to scrape the mixer clean as this may cause unwanted damage.


The discharge valve should also be checked daily. The discharge valve or chute should be checked daily to ensure that no cement build-up has been left behind. This can be done through the inspection panel on the base of the weigh hopper.


Moving on to some of the weekly maintenance, you should check that space is left between the mixing blades and the floor of the drum. There should be approximately three mm of clearance space. Then you should adjust the blades and wall tiles so there is a clear border.


Check that all the bolts and knots are tight and oiled. All machines are compiled out of a variety of nuts, bolts and parts each of which needs to be kept in place by being tightened and placed correctly. Also, a machine does not function well without being oiled, thus checking the oil regularly is crucial for optimal performance.




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