BS Power Stihl Cape Town: Garage Storage for Your Power Tools



A garage is an ideal space for productive work and creative DIY projects. An organised and neat garage is essential to making the best use of the space. Keep your garage tidy and functional with our garage storage tips for your Stihl Cape Town power tools and other household items.


B&S Commercial Power:


B&S Commercial Power is an importer and manufacturer of power equipment. These tools are ideally suited for agricultural, forestry, construction, and at-home use. B&S Commercial Power is based in Cape Town but can supply to the whole of South Africa as well as other southern African countries. Quality service, a vast range of tools, and excellent brands can all be found at B&S Commercial Power.


Stihl Cape Town:


B&S Commercial Power became a dealer for Stihl Cape Town in 2020; a recent relationship but one that is booming already. Stihl products are made to work efficiently and effectively under heavy stress. Stihl ensures that the quality of their products is matched by the quality of the approved dealer. This is to make sure that when you purchase a Stihl Cape Town product, you are given the best advice and instructions on how to use the power tool which is professional and personalised to you.


STIHL Cape Town Products at B&S Commercial Power:


Chainsaw: MS170 Chainsaw, MS250 Chainsaw, MSE190 Electric Chainsaw, MS210 Chainsaw, MS310 Chainsaw, MS361 Chainsaw, MS382 Chainsaw, and MS661 C-M Chainsaw.


Brushcutter: FS120 Brushcutter, FS160 Brushcutter, and FS250 Brushcutter.


Blower: BG50 Blower, BG56 Blower, and BGA45 Battery Blower.


Trimmer: FS38 Trimmer and FS45 Trimmer.




Why Store Your Stihl Cape Town Power Tools?


Stihl Cape Town power tools are ideally suited for use at home. Whether you need to keep your driveway clear of leaves with the Stihl blower or keep your verge grass cut with the Stihl trimmer, any of the Stihl tools will function in your home.


Keeping your Stihl tools stored neatly in your garage has many benefits.


Easy Access: If your Stihl tools are in an accessible space in your garage, you will be more inclined to use them.


Protection of the Tools: Keeping your Stihl Cape Town tools in a space that is clean, dry, and protected from the weather will keep your tools protected from damage.


Protection of Family: Some of the Stihl Cape Town tools can be a hazard if left lying around. The last thing you want is your two-year-old having access to a chainsaw (they are terrifying enough without a power tool).


Steps to Get Your Garage Ready for Storage:


Step 1: Clean and Tidy Your Garage


There are two types of garages in the world. The first is clear, clean, and used solely for locking your car away at night. The second, and most common, is a storage site (or dumping room) for all household items. Your children’s unused toys, recycling bags, cooler boxes, bicycles, fridges, paint cans, and endless boxes end up discarded in your garage.




A clean and tidy garage is important to start with before you start planning your garage storage. It helps you see what stuff you need to store so that your garage storage can be effective and efficient. Spend a weekend with your partner or family, put some marigolds on, and get to work cleaning and tidying your garage.


Donate:  If there is a layer of dust on your bicycle or bags of clothing that no longer fit but are stored away for “just in case”, rather donate these items. It is easy to find many organisations in your area which will happily take in unwanted items and ensure that they are distributed to less fortunate people in your area.


Garage Sale: Make a garage sale sign, a flask of coffee, and set up a little garage sale for those in your neighbourhood. Garage sales are fun to host as you get to meet your neighbours, make a little bit of money, and at the end of the day have a clear garage. Sounds like a win-win situation to us.


Repurpose: This is your chance to get creative. Do you have an old tyre lying around? Look up fun ways to repurpose tyres into chairs or dog beds. Need something to do with the polystyrene packaging your TV came in? This can be grated into small sprinkles and incorporated into your potting soil for your pot plants as it allows for drainage. Try and find a new use for as many of the items in your garage in ways that are fun, creative, and functional for your home.


Recycle: The purchasing of home appliances often results in the keeping of their packaging boxes for warranty purposes. Check all the dates of these boxes, and if you are beyond the period of keeping them, then recycle them. Make a list of all the suitable items which can be recycled and recycle them appropriately. If your neighbourhood does not have a recycle waste collection service, it is easy to find private companies in your area which will either collect or you can drop off your orange bags. Just remember, all recycled items need to be clean before going to be recycled.




Throw Away: At this stage, there should be a tiny number of items that unfortunately will have to be thrown away. Garages tend to house mostly unusual items and it is important to discard these items correctly. Old batteries, fluorescent bulbs, and car parts cannot be placed in a black plastic bag and left on your curb as they all need to be disposed of in specific ways.


Step 2: Lighting


Now that you are converting your garage into a neat and organised storage space with the option to use as a working area, you need great lighting. Most garages come with fluorescent bulbs or a single garage door light. Ensure that there is adequate lighting in your garage by adding in some lamps or portable working lights so that the room goes from a dark, dingy room to warm, organised, and inviting.


Step 3: Set Up a Work Bench




Your Stihl Cape Town power tools are going to have you itching to start home projects. If you have a two-door garage, set up the one side of your garage with a massive table perfectly suited to working on larger home-projects. Otherwise, if you have a one-door garage, a workbench tucked flush against the wall will also be ideal. Make a workbench that will fit in your space and allow you to get your power tool projects done.


Step 4: Keep a Clear Space for Your Car


If you need to store your car in your garage for safety purposes or to protect your car from the weather, then ensure that there is adequate room in your garage that is left clear for your car. If you find yourself having to get out of your car every day to move things around in your garage so that your car will fit, then you need to go back to step one and refigure your garage needs.


Step 5: Garage Storage


Your garage space is now cobweb and unwanted items free! This is the exciting part where you get to design and create storage that will fulfil your needs and wants. Garage storage will be based on your personal preferences but should incorporate these essential factors.


Maximise Space: Work with the space you have and ensure that you use storage that fits well and has great ergonomics.


Easy to Use: Maximising space is one thing, but if you must climb up into your garage loft space every time you need to use the hammer, that picture frame is going to stay on the floor rather than hung on the wall. Make sure your storage is easy to use, and that you organise your items in a way so that your most-used items are easily and quickly accessible.


Aesthetically Pleasing: We understand we are talking about a garage, but it does not have to be an eye-sore. Choose storage that has a cohesive theme, is easy to keep clean, and is neutral so that the space feels light, bright, and inviting to spend time in.


Garage Storage Ideas:


These easy and affordable garage storage ideas maximise space and allow for efficient use of all your household items stored in your garage. These storage ideas can either be purchased and assembled at home or be completely DIY with found items. Get creative and enjoy using your neat, organised garage as a workspace.


Floor-to-Ceiling Cupboards: Floor-to-ceiling cupboards are ideal for maximising space in a smaller garage. When purchasing cupboards specifically for the storage of power tools and other garage items, we suggest finding cupboards with sturdy shelves that can cope with heavy-weighted items. Choose cupboards with doors so that your garage items are hidden to keep your garage looking neat and organised. Store less used items, like your camping gear, at the top of the cupboards, so that you are not climbing up a ladder constantly.




Metal Shelving: If you are looking for a cheaper garage storage alternative, then metal shelving is the way to go. Place all your garage items in organised sections for easy use. Metal shelving allows you to keep the floor clear of any garage items. This is perfect if you also intend to store your car in your garage. Free-standing metal shelving allows you to move the shelves around as you please, so if in the future the way you have set up the shelves is no longer functional for your needs you can easily adapt the space.




Peg Board: This is a fun DIY project. Purchase a sheet of peg holes and attach it to a wall in your garage. You can paint the peg hole sheet to blend into your wall or a colour which will make your tools pop. For those who love being organised, take the time to outline each tool where they will be hung on the pegboard. This makes putting your tools back in their allocated places quick and easy. Depending on how you have mounted the pegboard on the wall, we suggest only hanging your small tools. This is a great storage idea for tools that you can grab and go whilst busy doing your at-home projects.




Wall Rack: This way of storing is ideally suited to your longer garage items, such as your Stihl Cape Town trimmer or your garden rake. Neatly hang your garage items so that they do not end up in a heap in the corner and inaccessible to use.




Make your garage functional and practical with these storage ideas for your Stihl Cape Town power tools and other household items.