Brushcutters: Garden grooming made easy



Brushcutters are arguably the most necessary tool when it comes to gardening and landscaping. Brushcutters can be used for a variety of tasks such as clearing high grass, lawn care, cutting weeds and general garden maintenance. Because these tools are machines, they can seem quite daunting for the average user, but this guide will give you all you need to know so that you can safely and effectively operate brushcutters.



What can you use brushcutters for?



Brushcutters are powered tools that can be used for small garden projects, as well as large scale forestry projects. Brushcutters, also called trimmers, can be used to slice away at small trees, bushes, weeds and foliage, and generally can trim though most vegetation in a quick swipe. What makes this tool so unique is that you can attach various different trimmer heads and blades to brushcutters so that it will function to the best of its abilities for your project.






What size brushcutters should I choose?



Brushcutters come in a range of sizes and variations and choosing the right size depends on two things: what you will be using it for, and how much weight you are willing to carry around. Although a stronger engine and larger motor may be more effective at clearing dense or sturdy vegetation such as trees, these brushcutters are also heavier than the smaller ones and require a reasonable amount of manpower to operate for lengthy periods of time.



If you are operating a large business whereby landscaping and clearing will be a frequent task, then it may be worth investing in multiple brushcutters, as you would be able to use them at the same time and clear a larger area of vegetation, saving you time on your project. This option comes in handy when you are doing landscaping projects for other clients and need to meet a tight deadline. If you are needing to do a small or rural garden area filled with small trees, shrubs, hedges and bushes, then consider getting medium range brushcutters.



Brushcutters: Tips and tricks



– Planning: The planning step is arguably the most important step when using brushcutters. You will need to plan in advance what project you need to do, and what tools you will need for this project. If you are going to be clearing a large area of vegetation, then choose brushcutters that are powerful enough to handle it.

– If you are inexperienced, choose brushcutters that are easy to start so that you can seamlessly go between areas of the garden.

– See if your brushcutter’s handlebars can be folded in to assist in transporting and storing your brushcutters.

– Your handlebars should always be angled relatively to the shaft on brushcutters, this will make sure that there is not an uneven load being placed on your back.

– Speaking of your back, to have ultimate comfort, efficiency and relief, it is definitely worth equipping your brushcutters with an ergonomic harness.

– Make sure that you purchase your brushcutters from a reputable trader who will assist you with any queries, services and warranties.




Brushcutters: Starting procedure



Because brushcutters require power, it is important that you adhere to any safety guidelines or recommendations to make sure that both you and the machine is safe. The most intimidating part of this process is starting up the machine and learning how to use it. This is why he have created a quick and easy starting checklist for brushcutters:


– Make sure that you start/operate your machine in a well-ventilated area where any fumes can freely dissipate.

– Make sure that when you start the machine, you are at least 10 feet away from the sport where you are planning on refueling.

– If your brushcutter is fitted with a primer bulb, then your first step would be to press the primer bulb at least five times.

– If your engine is cold, then use the choke.

– The machine may start to move soon so ensure that you are on steady ground, have a steady footing, and are wearing closed shoes.

– Make sure that the cutting attachment at the bottom of the machine is free to spin and move without any obstacles in the way that could damage the blade.

– You are now ready to start your brushcutter and begin the landscaping process.







Brushcutters: PPE Checklist



Although brushcutters are fairly safe, they do come with their own set of risks and it is advised that you follow the personal protective equipment (PPE) guidelines. These guidelines are in place to ensure user safety and so that you can operate brushcutters without any worries. Here is a list of a few items that you should be equipped with:


– Protective boots: As brushcutters are fairly heavy, they can move around quite a bit and if you do not have a steady footing, you may slip or stumble. Make sure that you are wearing thick and protective boots that have good nonslip soles. If you want to go one step further to ensure utmost safety, then we recommend investing in a pair of steel-toe boots. Steel-toe boots can be used day-in and day-out on any construction or garden projects and generally last well over 10 years !






– Leg protection: Just as much as your feet should be protected, so should your legs. When operating brushcutters small stones or pieces of debris are often kicked up into the air by the blades. Long pants made of a heavy material will do the trick to protect your legs.


– Face and head: Grass and smaller particles are often tossed up into the air when using the machine so be sure to wear protective eyewear such as goggles to make sure nothing gets into your eyes. A face shield is also highly recommended, these are cheap and effective and will protect your face from large and small particles. Last on your head should be a hard hat. These are also cheap and can be found at any department or hardware store.


– Hearing protection: Brushcutters, as effective as they are, are not the most silent of appliances and for all the work they do, they are unfortunately quite loud. Ever woken up on a Saturday morning to the buzzing sound of a man cutting away brush outside your home, and detested the unwelcome noise? Imagine what it sounds like for the guy actually holding the machine. In order to protect your ears while using the machine, wear a pair of earplugs or earmuffs, which again are fairly cheap and readily available.


– Gloves: Your hands will, after all, be bringing this machine to life and whipping it across the garden, it’s best to be protected. Small debris can whip up from the blades and cut your hands, or the impact from holding the handles could cause callouses. The only way to avoid this and to remain entirely comfortable throughout the process is to wear strong and sturdy gloves. Ideally you want a pair of gloves with a “grip strip” on the palm to make sure that your hands don’t slip if you get sweaty.


Brushcutters: Pre-use checklist



Before using your brushcutters, there are a few things to bear in mind. We have compiled a short pre-use checklist that you can refer to before starting your brushcutters:


– Make sure that the engine is switched off completely and that it has cooled down entirely from any previous use. Do not start the machine is the engine is still hot.

– Check your environment: Make sure that the path around you is clear of anything that could get harmed in the process while using brushcutters. Check that there are no rogue cables or hosepipes lying around the area as these could damage the blades.

– It is recommended that you use the machine at least 50 feet away from other people. This is because the same flying debris that could hurt your hands, feet, legs and face, could also injure other people if they are too close to brushcutters. To avoid injury, and a lawsuit, keep your distance.

– Make sure that the machine is correctly fitted. You don’t want to turn it on only for a blade to go flying off into the distance because you didn’t secure it properly to the machine. All attachments, blades and features will come with instruction guides on how to use them, attach them, and store them. Follow these instructions and methodically make sure that all parts are still where they need to be.

– When you purchase a brand new brushcutter, it will arrive set at a standard fitting and height, this may not be the correct fit for you. If you are using a harness, the straps should be adjustable and you can make them snug on your body, offering support. Most brushcutters come with handlebars that allow you to adjust the height. Make sure that the machine is at a comfortable height whereby you don’t have to bend down and injure your back after a long day in the garden.


Tips when buying brushcutters


• When brushcutters, make sure that you purchase it from a reputable store that will offer you repairs, maintenance work and great value for money.

• Check reviews online: People are most honest in life when it comes to anonymous reviews. Check reviews for the companies that you are looking at purchasing from and speak to other customers about their experiences with the brand and the product.

• Online: Shopping online in general is a user friendly and efficient way to purchase a brushcutter. By using online platforms, you can toggle between different sites and products at the same which makes it easy to compare and ultimately make a decision. Shopping online is also an effective way to compare prices and look out for sales, which are often held online only. Doing this whole process online means that you can purchase all of your gardening needs from the comfort of your own home, and at your own pace. This allows you to avoid the shops, which has become a demand for many during the Covid-19 pandemic.

• Opt for delivery: Depending on the size of the brushcutter you have chosen, it could be quite big and bulky and a mission to carry to and from your car. If you shop online, choose delivery so that your brushcutters can be delivered to you in a safe and efficient way. Most companies can deliver within a week of purchasing.





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