Brushcutters: Tips For Landscaping Your Verge



A verge is often an overlooked space for landscaping, but the look of your verge is essential for curb appeal and the value of your home. A well-kept and beautifully landscaped verge will make your home inviting and make you enjoy driving through your driveway gates every day. In this quick guide, we have outlined some top tips for landscaping your verge and the benefits of having a landscaped verge. You can easily find robust and affordable brushcutters at B&S Commercial Power to make starting your landscaping easier and maintaining the grass on your verge.


Tips for Landscaping Your Verge:


When you think of landscaping your verge, you immediately tend to think of hiring a landscaping company that will be a major hit to your budget on an area of your home that is not actually your responsibility to landscape or maintain. We are here to demonstrate that landscaping your verge can be easy, affordable, and beneficial for your home. If you are looking to create a wow moment for anyone visiting your home or driving past, follow these top tips for landscaping your verge.


1) Start with a Clean Slate:


Before you can start landscaping your verge, you need to start with a clean slate. A clean slate will allow you to plan a fresh and functional landscaping design. If you have never paid any attention to your verge before, you are going to need to invest some time and effort in getting it into a good starting condition before the fun of landscaping can begin. We have outlined a few essential steps to take to get your verge ready for landscaping:


Sort Out Your Grass: To start with a clean slate, assess the quality of the grass on your verge. If your verge is prone to unwanted vehicles parking on the grass, you may need to consider resodding or removing the damaged grass entirely. If your grass has been neglected, start with brushcutters to remove all long grass quickly and effortlessly, and then follow with a short trim by a lawnmower.


Remove Existing Plants: Assess the quality of the existing plants on your verge. If they are dead or damaged, this is your time to remove them entirely. If they can be replanted with your new landscaping, set them aside until you are ready to start planting again.


Prune Existing Trees: If you have an established tree on your verge that you would like to incorporate into your landscaping, then look for any low-hanging branches that are getting in the way or any rotten limbs that may fall onto your newly landscaped verge. You can easily use a chainsaw or extension lopper to trim back any branches and prune your tree.


Soil Quality: Before you start any landscaping, you need to assess the quality of your soil. You may need to add more sand or compost, which can easily be mixed into your verge soil. Improving the soil quality will ensure that the money you invest in new plants will be worth it.


Exterior Walls: An important feature of your verge is your perimeter wall. For the overall appearance of your finished landscaping, it is important to take some time to repair any cracks or add a fresh coat of paint to your walls to ensure a cohesive and polished result. It is also easier to complete any wall fixes while your verge is clear of plants, so this is an excellent time to do any needed maintenance on your walls.




2) Things to Consider for Your Verge Landscaping:


Before you start digging and planting, you need to have a landscaping plan in place. A landscaping plan allows you to be prepared, get all the necessary garden tools and landscaping supplies, and complete your landscaping project properly. To assist you in creating your landscaping plan, we have outlined three things to keep in mind.


Home Design Style: When selecting your hardscaping materials and plants, take the design style of your home into consideration. The landscaping of your verge is the teaser to the style and finish of your home inside your perimeter walls. The landscaping should therefore be cohesive and compliment the overall design of your property.


Functionality: The functionality of your landscaping is essential. You want to ensure that once you have finished landscaping, you will only need to spend minimal time every so often maintaining the space. Other functional aspects to remember are allocating space for your rubbish to be collected or incorporating a design for accessing areas of your home from your verge if needed.


Privacy: If you have a metal fence that allows people to see into your home from the road, clever landscaping can increase your privacy. When planning your landscaping, opt for high-growing hedges or small, bushy trees along your fence to give your home more privacy.




3) Ideas for Hardscaping:


Your hardscaping materials should be chosen and positioned first before you start any planting. Verges are usually smaller garden spaces, which means you need to be tactical about the size of your hardscaping elements and how many you can have in the space. As they are located on the road with easy access to anyone driving past, you also need to be careful about what hardscaping items you put outside.


For affordable hardscaping materials for a verge, you can place rocks in your flower beds for added height, dimension, and interest. You can additionally cover the floor of your flower beds with gravel, bark, mulch, or wood chips. For a fixed and stunning hardscaping idea, you can build planters along your perimeter wall to then plant flowers in.


Another hardscaping idea is to add a pathway to your verge. If you have a pedestrian gate in your wall, a pathway leading from the road or your driveway will make it easy to access your home along your verge. You can make your pathway beautiful by selecting interesting pavers and pairing these with stones or ground-covering plants.




4) Light the Way:


Highlight your landscaped verge at night with outdoor lighting. Cleverly positioned garden lights will illuminate your verge and showcase your plants, pathway, and house number. Extra lighting on your verge can also be an added safety element by keeping the space brightly lit at night. All garden lighting should be done before you start planting so that the wiring can be done without disturbing your freshly planted roses or Mother-in-Laws tongues.


5) Choosing the Best Plants:


The most important tip for planting on a verge is to choose low-maintenance plants. You want to ensure that year-round, your verge will be beautiful and thriving without you having to spend hours of your weekend cutting, pruning, or replanting. If you are unsure, you can easily ask your local nursery about recommended low-maintenance plants for a verge.


Benefits of Landscaping Your Verge:


While our tips for landscaping your verge are designed to be easy and affordable, there will still be some costs involved and you will need to put in some time and effort to transform your verge into a beautifully landscaped area. To demonstrate why landscaping your verge is worth the trips to the nursery and wielding a brushcutter, we have outlined three ways that you and your home will benefit.


1) Curb Appeal:


Curb appeal is a buzzword for homeowners, and with good reason. Increasing your curb appeal can have many benefits for your home. Curb appeal makes your home more attractive and it is the wow factor that invites people into your home. As your verge is the first thing anyone will see of your home, investing time and effort into the landscaping will be the perfect way to set the stage for your home and create that sought-after curb appeal.


2) Prevent Unwanted Cars Parking on Your Verge:


A landscaped verge has the bonus of keeping your verge protected from unwanted cars parking on this space. If your home is located near a school or business, then it can become an irritation to deal with cars constantly parked on your verge. In addition, cars parked on the grass can leave tyre marks and damage, and you will be the one left with a degraded-looking verge or the cost of replacing the grass. Tactical landscaping through the use of cleverly positioned hardscaping can keep cars from parking on your verge.


3) Increase the Value of Your Home:


With increased curb appeal comes an increase in the value of your home. While your verge is not a part of your property and cannot be included in the value of your home, a beautifully landscaped verge will draw in potential buyers to your home. Potential buyers will appreciate that you have taken the time and effort to improve every area in your home, and this can help convince them that your house is of the highest value.


Clear and Maintain Your Verge with B&S Commercial Power Brushcutters:


The best step to take before any landscaping project is to start with a clean slate. Achieving cut grass on your verge is easy with brushcutters from B&S Commercial Power. Our brushcutters are durable, affordable, and ideally suited to clearing your verge for landscaping and keeping this area easily maintained.




With B&S Commercial Power, you can enjoy a wide range of Husqvarna and Stihl brushcutters. We have selected Husqvarna and Stihl for our array of brushcutters due to the high quality of the cutting performance, power, and safety features of these brushcutters. We will only provide you with the highest standard of brushcutters to ensure you can enjoy using your brushcutters endlessly.


For clearing your verge, you are going to need to select brushcutters based on the type of vegetation on your verge. If your verge is just currently overgrown grass with some patches of weeds, then a lightweight brushcutter like the Stihl FSA45 Battery Cordless Trimmer will be the perfect choice for clearing. If your verge is overgrown with bushes and small trees, a stronger brushcutter will be needed to get the job done, such as the Stihl FS160 Brushcutter.


Once you have spent time, money, and energy on landscaping your verge, you will need to keep it maintained to ensure your efforts were worth it. Brushcutters are an excellent tool for grass maintenance on the verge. Brushcutters are especially useful if your verge is on a slope or has a difficult terrain that would be difficult to manoeuvre with a lawn mower.


We deliver our power tools to the whole of Southern Africa. Whether you have ordered brushcutters for your home in Limpopo or Zimbabwe, we will get your purchased brushcutters to you. Our delivery service is timely and reliable, ensuring that purchasing brushcutters from B&S Commercial Power is an effortless process for you.


B&S Commercial Power brushcutters make clearing and maintaining the grass on your landscaped verge easy.