Brushcutters: The Perfect Tool For Trimming The Competition And Your Garden.

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BS Power offers a wide array of various tools and machinery for various projects and industries, ranging from concrete mixers for construction work, hedge trimmers for yard work and landscaping, and generators for your electrical needs. This article, however, will focus on an underused and underappreciated tool that every true gardening enthusiast should consider buying – brushcutters. In order to show you how useful this power gardening tool can be we will provide some reasons why we believe it to be a smart purchase, afterwards we will than compare it to other cutting tools and finally look at some tips and tricks to maxmise your enjoyment with your brushcutters.


BS Power


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In essence, a brushcutter is a specialised power tool used outdoors for cutting and trimming through areas of dense or overgrown vegetation, weeds, underbrush, and grass. Brushcutters are used and applied most commonly for landscaping, gardening, agriculture, and forestry. This powerful cutter is much more effective than other gardening tools as they are able to reach and clear more difficult areas. There cutters are built to be robust and face various challenges that smaller trimmers are unable to.



Why You Should Purchase Brushcutters




Firstly, it is important to highlight how versatile these tools can be. Whether you need to clear large areas of dense and overgrown vegetation or simply trim your hedges and trees, a brushcutter is adaptable to your needs.


Weed control


Sick and tired of weeds and their never-ending tyranny on your lawns, brushcutters are the perfect power tool for controlling and eliminating all sorts of unwanted vegetation. Weeds can pop up on a variety of surfaces, which is often why many people struggle to control them with traditional lawnmowers or trimmers. Unlike other gardening tools, the brushcutter is able to get into those hard-to-reach places, or difficult surfaces you may have been having trouble with.


Landscaping and shaping


As you have probably already guessed, brushcutters can be used for far more than mere clearing and trimming vegetation. They may also be used for various landscaping and shaping purposes and applications. Brushcutters may be used to easily and efficiently sculpt vegetation into your preferred shapes and create aesthetically pleasing and intricate picturesque designs; making you the envy of the neighborhood.


Time and labour


Unlike most gardening tools, which are hard to handle and use, brushcutters are designed to be effective, efficient, and easy to handle. These cutters are especially useful when it comes to challenging terrain and large areas of overgrown vegetation that need to be cleared, unlike hand-held trimmers or lawn mowers, brushcutters can fly through these projects with ease.


Year-round application and use


Unlike various other gardening and landscaping tools, with a brushcutter you are not limited to a specific seasons, weather or terrain. Whether you require autumn cleanup, summer maintenance, winter preparation or trimming in spring; a brushcutter is an indispensable and valuable tool that can be used year-round for whatever your needs may be.


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Trimming The Competition


Many of you reading this might be asking yourself why you should get a brushcutter if your traditional lawn mowers and other gardening tools are serving you just fine, well, brushcutters do not settle at “just fine”. Once you purchase a brushcutter from BS Power, you will wonder how you ever lived without one. Below are a few examples of how a brushcutter makes life easier in comparison to other gardening tools and equipment.


Brushcutter vs Lawn Mower


There is no denying that the traditional lawnmowers can be an effective tool in the right scenarios. However, a brushcutter is often far more effective when it comes to areas with tall grass, thicker weeds and extensive underbrush. This is because lawn mowers are generally designed and planned for use on maintaining well-manicured lawns and flat or even terrains; therefore, struggling with thicker shrubbery and uneven surfaces.


Brushcutters on the other hand find application in both scenarios and can handle these challenging and tougher conditions with their handling, power and cutting attachments.


Brushcutter vs Weed Eater


As mentioned, a brushcutter is effective against thicker, woody vegetation and heavy overgrowth encompassing large areas of land. While weed eaters are more suitable to areas with light weeds and grass, as they generally struggle with tougher vegetation.


A brushcutter has a stronger engine installed and when combined with the variety of cutting attachments this cutting tool is ready to handle thicker vegetation that would otherwise ruin your weed eater.


Brushcutter vs Shears


While nobody is denying that hand-held and manual shears are extremely handy and easy to transport and store, they are generally used for individual branches and smaller pruning tasks. They are also extremely time-consuming as the user has to use their own strength and manual labour to use said tool.


The brushcutter on the other hand, has an engine that powers the blade thereby reducing strain and labour, are also far more effective in clearing larger areas faster and efficiently.


Brushcutters vs Machetes and Saws


Machetes and hand saws are extremely effective in performing simple and quick tasks, but they also require a lot of physical effort, strain, and manual labour; which could lead to an increase in the amount of time it actually takes to complete the task as hand. Using machetes and saws also means that you are unable to quickly move from task to task as the time it takes to manually clear out an area will take much longer and require more man hours.


Brushcutters on the other hand are able to effortlessly clear extensive areas of shrubbery and vegetation in a much quicker and efficient fashion. Brushcutters are equipped with either heavy blades or trimmer lines, which allow for easy task switching too.


Brushcutters vs Hedge Trimmers


As the name implies, hedge trimmers excel in their specific task of trimming and shaping hedges. However, they are more or less limited to this task, and are not suitable for other application, such as ground-level clearing or cutting through thicker underbrush.


Brushcutters are a far superior when it comes to versatility, not only can they do what hedge trimmers do, but can handle a range of other tasks we have already looked at above.


Brushcutters vs Chainsaws


While chainsaws are extremely effective and powerful tools for cutting down large trees, logs and much thicker branches, they are impractical for simple everyday smaller tasks in your garden. Brushcutters are more manageable and practical tools that can be used for small and medium scale tasks. They offer far better and more precise control in terms of handling and use when dealing with various types of vegetation.


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Although all the aforementioned tools are extremely useful and handy for their particular tasks and performances in mind, few can begin to compare to the versatility, adaptability and range that brushcutters have to offer to you as the consumer and gardener.


Tips And Tricks For Using Brushcutters


Safety first


Just like with any power tool, safety should always be prioritised, brushcutters are no exception to this rule. We at BS Power recommend that you take the time to properly review the user manual before use. One of the main components of any high-quality brushcutter is their cutting attachments, which will also be covered in the manual, which will help you understand to use which attachment.


We also strongly recommend that use of proper personal protective equipment (PPE) when operating your brushcutters, including a helmet and face shield or goggles, gloves, clothes that cover your full body, steel-toed boots, and ear protection.


Know your area and surroundings


Before you begin trimming away with your new brushcutters it is always advisable to first spend some time making sure your garden or the area you will be using your cutters is completely free of any obstacles that may damage the machine. Removing hard objects like stones or wood that could damage the blades will keep your gardening tools safe from damage.


Choose the right attachments


Brushcutters can be extremely versatile tools with the right attachments. Using the correct attachment and the right time will not only make your gardening chores easier but will also allow the brushcutters to preform at optimal efficiency. The two main cutting attachments we recommend you first familiarise yourself with are the blades and trimmer lines.


Adjusting the cutting height


With regards to thicker vegetation, it is recommended that the cutting head of your brushcutters should be lowered, while for lighter grass it should be raised accordingly. This beneficial component of the brushcutter allows for optimal cutting efficiency and prevents wear and tear on the tool.


Maintenance and storage


Although we here at BS Power ensure that you are provided with top-tier tools, machinery and brushcutters that are built to last and complete any task; maintenance of your tools is essential to ensure they keep functioning at their full potential. Regular upkeep and maintenance are vital for optimal performance being constantly achieved. Storing brushcutters is quite simple and straightforward, but it needs to be followed to ensure years of optimal use. Ensure that you store your brushcutter in a secure and dry place away from the elements, and ensure that you clean the tool and the cutting attachments as thoroughly as possible after each use.


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BS Power Brushcutters


We here at BS Power have a wide range of top-quality and high-performing gardening tools, of which our brushcutters are no exception. If you want quality brushcutters that last, then look no further than BS Power.


We at BS Power stock a wide range of various brushcutters for any, and all, of your specific needs. Our most popular and well stocked brands of brushcutters include Husqvarna and Stihl brushcutters.


For more information, please see our website and feel free to contact us for further clarification or any queries you may have.