Brushcutters: Six Influential Gardens Made Possible With Brushcutters



Brushcutters play an influential role in landscaping as they aid in making laborious tasks effortless. Throughout the history of gardening, cutters whether manual or powered have been utilised to manicure the beauty of the outdoors. It has elevated countless natural settings and famous gardens to a point that they are now considered tourist destinations as people from all around the world have come to visit and appreciate their natural beauty.


But beautiful gardens do not only adorn palaces or public areas. With the right tools you too can have a beautiful garden around your home or business elevating your natural surroundings. BS Power makes this investment more accessible and can fulfil the desire for a beautiful garden with our affordable, effective and advanced brushcutters.


In this article, we walk you through who we are and what we offer. We will also explore beautiful landscapes and gardens made possible around the world and history that have been made possible with brushcutters.


About BS Powers


BS Commercial Power is a leading import and manufacturing store that offers professional and high-performance equipment for forestry, agriculture and construction. We have been operating since 2003 and have over 100 years of combined work experience.


Throughout the years’ BS Commercial Power has received acclaim, partnering with Honda Outdoor Power Equipment, while distributing for Briggs & Stratton Corporation and Komatsu Zenoah Japan – as well as dealing for Husqvarna Turf and Construction Products and Stihl. With our skills, trusted acclaim in the industry and our state-of-the-art equipment – we can be trusted to provide the best solutions for your construction and landscaping needs. We provide invaluable commercial products, but the section below covers our powered cutters in particular.


BS Commercial Power Brushcutters


BS Commercial Powers offers designs for various needs. Below are some of the brands we distribute for and their versatile uses:


STIHL Brushcutters


STIHL powered cutters are powerful and known to handle difficult terrain. They cut weeds, and trim overgrown grass and hedges – however, they are able to carry out additional maintenance work because of their high-performance engines. High-performance engines can adequately handle their desired task, whether from a petrol or electric drive.


There are a range of cutters used for maintenance, trimming and clearing. We also have a range of cordless and electric options – and even backpack brushcutters are available. Another trait about our STIHL brushcutters is that each model has an instruction manual to operate your powerful and professional equipment appropriately and safely. They will make the landscaping work uncomplicated and satisfying.


Husqvarna Brushcutters


Husqvarna is a professional innovator for garden and park products. Their leading-edge innovations ensure only the best durable professional brushcutters are marketed. Husqvarna cutters are designed to do more demanding jobs, in less time. This is due to their smart features, cutting capacity and component design.


Additionally, this is combined with a user-centric-harness that makes the task more comfortable and less laborious on your body. This also means you have a longer capacity for productivity. Another benefit of Husqvarna brushcutters is their intuitive controls, such as an automatic stop return switch which resets the on position automatically to negate the trouble of restarting. If you are looking for heavy-duty and professional quality, Husqvarna brushcutters are for you.




Beautiful Gardens Around The World


Brushcutters like BS Commercial Power offer gardens around the world to flourish and the hard work of maintaining them easier. When gardens, businesses, historical sites or public areas make use of landscaping tools they also flourish.


When these areas are large – investing in professional tools is advantageous. Below are some beautiful and attentively curated gardens to inspire you and showcase the usefulness of brushcutters.


Gardens of Versailles


The Gardens of Versailles in France is a UNESCO heritage site that was once commissioned by King Louis XIV. It took 40 years to complete this intricate French style of gardening. French-style gardening focuses on elegance and distinct symmetrical lines. This is created by trimming hedges and shrubs to a particular shape, using simple colours and maintaining a specific stone element.


The Gardens of Versailles executes this in its full glory. The formal garden and outdoor space illustrated in The Gardens of Versailles is possible due to brushcutters maintaining the idealistic and distinct symmetrical lines. It requires more maintenance than a regular garden due to its upkeep. However, with our brushcutters, you will elevate a normal garden to one with elegance and classic design.


Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden


If you are more inspired by South Africa’s natural beauty, Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens in Cape Town is the perfect source of inspiration for an office or at-home garden. Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden is considered to be one of Cape Town’s biggest tourist attractions, after Table Mountain and acclaimed as one of the greatest botanical gardens in the world. Its serene environment, botanical species and Shiraz vineyards make it incredibly unique.


Botanical gardens like the one at Kirstenbosch need to be maintained with brush cutters in order to care for the garden’s biodiverse nature. They are used specifically for propagating, where the brushcutter can help trim plants to encourage them to grow. This is why gardens with botanical influences need constant maintenance and equipment that is professional and durable.


BS Commercial Powers STIHL power cutters are ideal for these spaces in particular. They are designed to care for the environment whilst also not making the job laborious. It is possible to have a beautiful garden without having to invest all your time into maintaining it. Brushcutters like ours make the maintenance work light and quick.


Aswan Botanical Garden


Aswan Botanical Gardens is a beautiful accumulation of unique and beautiful wildlife. Aswan Botanical Garden is located in Egypt but sources plants from East India and Africa. The exotic plants make the landscape rare and a tropical oasis. Not only are the gardens beautiful but Aswan Botanical Gardens are historically and archaeologically significant.


In the 1890s, the garden was gifted to Lord Horatio Kitchener as a symbol of gratitude for his survival in the army. He sourced, planted and grew the beginnings of what is the stunning botanical garden today. The Egyptian government reclaimed the natural area but maintained the Aswan Botanical Gardens and brought more plant life and forestry from around the world.


Due to the botanical garden being so diverse, particularly with its trees – proper care and maintenance are needed. Brushcutters are imperative because they help with the mulching needed to keep the moisture for the appropriate plant life. Mulching is a tool brushcutters can do where they add or spread the material over the surface of the soil, which helps the soil retain moisture and repress weeds.


Brushcutters are different from mulchers but can still obtain the same results. BS Power’s Husqvarna 555 FRM Brushcutter is the perfect example of this, a powerful brushcutter developed specifically for mulching in tough conditions. Using brushcutters keeps your garden healthy and beautiful, as exhibited with the Aswan Botanical Garden.


Powerscourt Estate


Powerscourt Estate in Enniskerry, Ireland – is a beautiful commissioned Italian Renaissance Villa and Garden built in 1730. The garden was developed to complement Palladian architecture. Palladian architecture is most known for its grand and classical elements, with symmetry and open structures being prominent. The hilltop position of the estate means the landscape is filled with not only a beautiful view of the mansion but also of the ornamental garden and river.


The garden itself was named the third Best Garden in the World by National Geographic. It is lush, expansive and well-maintained. This is all important as the Powerscourt Estate is a tourist destination and business. You can book to view the gardens, visit the waterfall, eat at the restaurant, and view the mansion.


All of these influence each other and a well-maintained garden helps the Powerscourt Estate’s extensive business operation thrive. Having a beautiful garden is not only important aesthetically but economically.


As a business, it is important to prioritise the experience of your customers, capitalising on a beautiful landscape is prudent and fruitful. BS Commercial Powers is here to help with our expansive range of landscaping products we have on offer.


Shinjuku Gyoen


Shinjuku Gyoen in Japan offers a unique and distinct aesthetic, whilst blending the French garden style, with the English landscape and traditional Japanese architecture. It was an imperial garden designated for emperors and Feudal Lords until it was redesignated as a national garden after World War II.


It is considered to be one of the most influential gardens during the Meiji era, and with its unique blend of styles – it still stands apart today. The garden is notably spacious, with meandering walking paths and peaceful scenery which falls under the English and French style. The Japanese landscape garden has ponds, bridges and well-manicured hedges, shrubs and pavilions. All of these are dependent on caring for the garden with the appropriate tools.


Additionally, one of the Shinjuku Gyoen’s most-known attributes is its cherry blossom trees with more than a dozen different varieties. Cherry trees need to be pruned, and one of the best ways to prune any tree is with brush cutters. Since the park has over 1500 types of cherry trees – the work can be difficult and laborious without brushcutters.


Cutters help remove the dead branches and promote new growth for these trees – which has kept the Shinjuku Gyoen beautiful over the years. If you have a landscape with many trees but are not seeing them flourish – it may be time to consider whether you are using the right tools to bear fruitful results.


Anne Spencer House & Garden Museum


Another influential garden is the Anne Spencer House & Garden Museum. This is a beautiful garden cultivated to be an oasis and filled with countless shrubs, flowers and trees. It was the personal garden of Anne and Edward Spencer, an author and politician respectively.


The space they grew and has now been turned into a museum is an example of why investing in and cultivating a beautiful landscape is worthwhile. Whether it is on a grand scheme like a national garden, or a smaller garden for your home – having professional equipment helps your garden maintain the best growth, beauty and longevity.




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Some of the world’s most beautiful gardens were made possible with the use of good landscaping tools. Without quality cutters gardens would be harder to upkeep and prohibit the beauty landscaping has to offer. Additionally, a beautiful landscape can aid your business or public space gain more traction and clients.


If you would also like to cultivate a beautiful and memorable outdoor landscape, you cannot go wrong with BS Commercial Powers. With our leading and quality suppliers, gardening and landscaping tasks are easier than ever. Get in contact with us for any queries or view our brushcutter range online. We look forward to helping you achieve a memorable garden as beautiful as the inspiration from above.