Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Brushcutters



Brushcutters are garden or forestry power tools suited to cutting thicket, bushes, small trees, and other plants which are inaccessible to be cut by a lawnmower or ride-on mower. B&S Commercial Power is a supplier of the exceptional Stihl brushcutters. We explore the advantages and disadvantages of using brushcutters and compare this to using a Stihl brushcutter.


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B&S Commercial Power:


B&S Commercial Power is your go-to shop for power equipment. B&S Commercial Power imports Husqvarna, Stihl, Briggs and Stratton, Honda, and Baumax power tools. B&S Commercial Power also manufactures our own range of power tools. It is easy to find a reputable brand or locally manufactured power tool at B&S Commercial Power.


Power tools are our forte. At B&S Commercial Power you will find any power tool you need, ranging from ride-on mowers to chainsaws to brushcutters. Paired with this extensive range of equipment is the exceptional advice offered at B&S Commercial Power. We guarantee that you will be advised on the best equipment suited to your needs at B&S Commercial Power.


From commercial use to at-home use, there is a power tool suited to any needs at B&S Commercial Power.




Stihl is a German company that has been creating power tools since 1920. Over the years Stihl has turned into a world-leading power tool manufacturer and business. Stihl saw an opportunity in South Africa in 1996 and has been in a successful relationship ever since with homeowners and business owners alike.


All Stihl brushcutters are imported to South Africa and sold by accredited dealers. For a dealer to qualify to sell Stihl brushcutters and other Stihl products, the dealer must reach Stihl’s high standards. These standards include being able to provide specialist advice before the Stihl brushcutter sale as well as any necessary after-sales services. B&S Commercial Power is a registered Stihl dealer which makes us a Stihl standard dealer.


B&S Commercial Power imports and supplies Stihl brushcutters to the whole of South Africa and surrounding Southern African countries. Anyone who owns a Stihl brushcutter from B&S Commercial Power will experience an excellent brush cutting machine paired with personalised service.


Stihl Brushcutters Available at B&S Commercial Power:


Stihl brushcutters are the best in the business and are a highly esteemed product on B&S Commercial Power’s shelves. There are three different Stihl brushcutters available at B&S Commercial Power to ensure you get the right Stihl brushcutter for your needs.


  • Stihl FS120 Brushcutter: The Stihl FS120 Brushcutter is a straightforward brushcutter that is suited to first-time brushcutter users.
  • Stihl FS160 Brushcutter: If you are looking for a Stihl brushcutter to cut bushes and thin trees, then the Stihl FS160 Brushcutter is perfect.
  • Stihl FS250 Brushcutter: The Stihl FS250 Brushcutter is a powerful brushcutter that makes easy work of large-scale mowing and thick vegetation cutting.





Advantages for Using a Brushcutter:


Brushcutters are handy power tools to have as a staple in your garden tool collection. There are many advantages to using a brushcutter for your garden work and Stihl brushcutters are the best way to go.




Brushcutters are powerful garden tools that make your garden work easy. Brushcutters are motorised power tools that reduce your effort needed to get your garden vegetation cut. Brushcutters vary in power according to their engine so it is important to be informed on the correct brushcutter for your garden cutting.


Each Stihl brushcutter available at B&S Commercial Power comes with a different range of power. You can choose a Stihl brushcutter best suited to your garden cutting needs. If you are uncertain which Stihl brushcutter is suitable for the vegetation you need cut, then an experienced technician at B&S Commercial Power will happily advise you.




Brushcutters are similar to trimmers in appearance except there are many fundamental differences between them. Trimmers use a nylon string that rotates at a high speed to cut grass, weeds, and other thin vegetation. Brushcutters have metal blades that rotate at a high speed to cut thicker vegetation, such as thin trees, thickets, and gnarled bushes.


The metal blades of brushcutters mean that brushcutters are versatile in the vegetation they can cut. You are not limited to only using a brushcutter for your lighter vegetation. Stihl brushcutters allow for a versatile vegetation cutting experience.




The combination of power, durability, and versatility makes the brushcutter a convenient power tool for all your garden and forestry work. You can clear away any vegetation in your garden with ease.


Brushcutters are also convenient as they can access difficult areas in your garden. Often lawnmowers are unable to reach certain areas or struggle over rocky terrain. Your Stihl brushcutter is made to be powerful and robust and therefore handles these areas in your garden with ease. The Stihl brushcutters are portable which means there is no area in your garden which is difficult to reach with your Stihl brushcutter.


The metal blades of a brushcutter make your work quick and effective. The Stihl brushcutters are designed with the latest technology so that your experience of using a Stihl brushcutter is effortless and timely. Stihl brushcutters are your heavy-duty solution to quick and convenient vegetation cutting.






All homeowners, gardeners, and landscaping companies should consider owning brushcutters. Brushcutters make your garden work easier, quicker, and require less effort. Owning your brushcutter is an affordable alternative to hiring a company to cut areas in your garden which your lawnmower cannot reach.


Stihl brushcutters are a popular choice when it comes to brushcutters. Stihl brushcutters are affordable without sacrificing quality. Every Stihl brushcutter is made to withstand heavy-duty vegetation and ensure robust efficiency. The reliability of a Stihl brushcutter makes it an investment for your garden.


Disadvantages for Brushcutters:


There are a few downsides to using brushcutters for your garden work. Stihl brushcutters can exceed most brushcutter downsides.


Difficult to Use:


Brushcutters are designed to work in specific ways. You need to take the time to understand the direction your blades move in and which movements are needed to cut your vegetation. This can be difficult at first and feel stressful especially when there is the risk of injury or damaging your machine.


The difficulty of using brushcutters can quickly lead to fatigue. The excessive vibration of the brushcutter can make using brushcutters cumbersome and fatigue your muscles. If you have a large or tough terrain to cut, then a brushcutter can be difficult and tiring to use.


Stihl brushcutters avoid this issue with their many easy-to-use functions. Each Stihl brushcutter available at B&S Commercial Power is fitted with a harness. The harness is made for your comfort and includes soft padding. It is no longer difficult to uses a brushcutter for an extended time with the Stihl brushcutter harness.


Stihl brushcutters also come with a bike handle. You can have full control over the Stihl brushcutter with the bike handle as you can easily guide the machine. This reduces your fatigue as manoeuvring your Stihl brushcutter is easier.


There is no concern with a juddering start when you are using a Stihl brushcutter. Stihl brushcutters include an ElastoStart, which is a function aimed at creating a smooth starting process. This reduces the fatigue you experience when using a brushcutter for your garden needs.






Storing your brushcutter correctly is important for ensuring the longevity of your brushcutter. Brushcutters need to be stored in a safe space protected from the weather. If you do not have a garden shed or garage, then creating storage for your brushcutter can be an additional expense.


Storing a brushcutter is also difficult due to the shape of the brushcutter. Brushcutters are long and awkwardly shaped. They also need to be stored in an upright position for optimal function. Storing brushcutters can require specific hanging storage suited to the unique shape.


If you know you are not going to be using your brushcutter for an extended period, there are additional steps you need to take for storage. You should ensure the tank is cleaned and drained, the blade is clean, the mowing line is removed and stored correctly, and the spark plug is removed.


Although these additional steps can be time-consuming, they are important for ensuring the longevity of your Stihl brushcutter. Stihl brushcutters make storage easier with their smart storage features. Stihl brushcutter handles can be folded which means the Stihl brushcutters take up less space and are less awkward to store.




Brushcutters have blades that rotate at high speeds. This can cause stones and twigs to fly out and possibly cause damages or injuries. It is suggested to avoid this danger by always operating your brushcutter attentively and away from any other people or items which can be damaged.


Most brushcutters are fuel-operated. Starting a brushcutter in an enclosed space is dangerous to you and those around you due to the harmful fumes which the brushcutter emits. Avoid this danger by starting your brushcutter in an open space away from any other people or animals.


Brushcutters can be dangerous to use which is why it is suggested to always wear personal protective gear when operating any brushcutter. Boots, gloves, plastic eye goggles, long pants and long-sleeve shirts, and earmuffs are the suggested protective gear to wear when using your brushcutter.


Every Stihl brushcutter will come with an operating manual. It is important that you read this manual fully before starting to use your Stihl brushcutter. This will ensure that you are adequately prepared and can avoid making dangerous mistakes. B&S Commercial Power will also advise you fully on how to operate your Stihl brushcutter before use.


The addition of the bike handle to the Stihl brushcutter is also a safety feature. You have full control of the operation of the Stihl brushcutter at your fingertips. In addition to this, the bike handle also keeps your body at a safe distance from the Stihl brushcutter avoiding any possible injuries.




All brushcutters need to be maintained to keep the brushcutter operating effectively and efficiently. Important maintenance for a brushcutter is cleaning your blades after every use. Grass clippings and other vegetation can cause your brushcutter blades to rust and become dull if left to rot on your blades.


Brushcutters are also used for heavy-duty cutting. Your blades need to be maintained regularly to ensure they are still sharp and working effectively. The maintenance for your Stihl brushcutters depends on the amount of use your brushcutter gets as well as the vegetation you are using your Stihl brushcutter for.


You can bring your Stihl brushcutters to B&S Commercial Power to assess your brushcutter blades. We will advise you on the best maintenance for your current brushcutter blades. If your Stihl brushcutter blades are blunt beyond repair, then we will fit your Stihl brushcutter with new Stihl blades.




We have cut our way through the advantages and disadvantages of using a brushcutter and in the clearing lies the best brushcutter available; the Stihl brushcutters at B&S Commercial Power.