4 Important Components Of The Diesel Concrete Mixer

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You are probably familiar with the words concrete mixer, but did you know that there are many different types of mixers, including concrete mixers that run on different types of fuels? This article will explore the world of the diesel concrete mixer pump and shed some light on all the important aspects of this pump.


Diesel Mixers


The diesel concrete mixer pump has been designed with many purposes and features. From urban construction to local construction, there are various things you could utilise the diesel mixer for. In this day and age, building agents and contractors use the diesel pump to not only save on time but on labour too.


The diesel concrete mixer pump is the machine predominately used for commercial purposes. It has special advantages for concrete mixing and transporting and depositing mixed concrete. It is available in different sizes, costs, usefulness, and specifications. And depending on what the contractor demands; it has different models.


What Is A Diesel Mixer Pump?


A diesel concrete mixer pump is a type of machine that is usually used in the construction of buildings. Additionally, they are used in the construction of roads and towers. It is known as a device that can combine and convey concrete altogether.


The fact that the diesel mixer can do this means that there is a reduction in the number of labour that is required for a job as well as reducing the amount of work a single labourer has to do. It is also useful for transporting concrete to locations that labour or vehicles cannot have access to. For building contractors, this is an amazing choice.


Diesel mixer pumps have multi-functional pumps which you can use for mixing concrete. If you want, you can also use it for transporting concrete by applying pressure along the pipelines themselves. The majority of concrete mixer pumps can perfectly combine the concrete for contractors. The diesel mixer pump is a construction machine fuel by transporting concrete for commercial purposes.


It can be utilised for the construction of tunnels, water projects, and high buildings. They can also be used in the construction of roads, bridges, and slopes. When it comes to construction that will be used for commercial purposes then a diesel concrete mixer pump is the best way to go.


Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump: Function And Uses


There are various uses for a diesel mixer. From bridges to buildings, the usefulness of these types of concrete mixers is apparent in almost every aspect of construction.


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Building Construction


Diesel mixer pumps are used by contractors for constructing high towers. Buildings like skyscrapers, large halls, and towers can be built at a faster rate with machines such as these. It allows the contractor to build stronger and better towers. This is completed by mixing the concrete perfectly. When the concrete is mixed properly it ensures that the quality of the concrete is good and strong enough for buildings such as these.




This is just another major benefit of the diesel mixer pump. It allows for easy transportation of concrete from location to location. The concrete may or may not be mixed. Diesel mixer pumps make sure that the concrete gets transported. They can go to places that sometimes labour and huge vehicles cannot access. It is built in such a way that permits easy deposition and carriage of such concrete.


Time and Labour


This is one of the major advantages of the diesel concrete mixer pump. It can save not time but labour as well, whilst giving you a good quality mix of concrete. The amount of labour and time that is saved is immeasurable. The diesel concrete mixer pump is quite a unique machine, it helps contractor’s complete construction projects way faster compared to normal labour. This saves labourers the stress of having to transport all the concrete from one place to another all by themselves.


Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump: Certain Setbacks


Despite the major benefits that come with the diesel mixer pump, there are many different problems that contractors run into when utilising the diesel mixer pump. From technical problems to financial problems, it all depends on the type of pump you are using.


One of the most common problems that contractors experience when using the diesel mixer pump is the lack of knowledge many have on this machine. Due to the lack of basic knowledge, they are cheated easily when acquiring this machine. However, this problem can be easily fixed by having prior knowledge about the type of machine you are using. Then, you can buy the machine based on the specifications.


Another issue that contractors experience with this machine is the lack of working experience. Often a lot of individuals do not know how to operate the machine. This leads to poor mixing and pumping of the concrete. It will show that the concrete has not been properly pumped. You can rectify this by getting an expert to control and operate the machine for you.


Components Of A Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump


Many different parts make up a diesel mixer pump. Every single part has its specific function and use. Below are a few components and their uses and why they are important.


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1 – Mixing Drum


It may not come as a surprise that there are many different types of mixing drums used to mix concrete. It comes with different speciation and sizes all of which depend on the needs and specifications of the contractor. The different specifications include the 450-mixer drum and the 350-mixer drum. The 350-mixer drum is the most commonly used type of mixer drum currently available on the market. It features a small or average capacity with low efficiency.


The 450-mixer on the other hand is bigger and better with more efficiency compared to the 350-mixer. The mixing drum works in many different ways. It can spin clockwise or anti-clockwise depending on the model. The 450-mixer drum is the best mixer drum out there for you to utilise. If you require a mixer drum that is efficient for the use of commercial construction, then getting a bigger one is better. If you need to construct a towel or bridge, the 450-mixer drum is the best option.


This mixing drum also functions as a store for transporting concrete from one location to another. It carries concrete which has already been mixed and takes it to the location it needs to be at. The bigger the drum, the bigger the quantity it can carry. Bigger drums tend to provide a concrete of better quality when mixing. It is also important to remember that the size of a mixer does affect the pumping volume of a diesel mixer pump.


2 – Oil Pump


Different types of oil pumps are needed for different concrete pumping machines. Whilst some use Chinese brands, others use Kawasaki which originates from Japan or Rexroth from Germany, etc. The type of machine you decide to use determines what type of oil pump is best suited for it.


The hydraulic oil pump is known to go a long way in influencing the pumping. It is used in the driving of systems and can either be static or dynamic depending on which model of the machine you use. It works well if you want to convert mechanical power to hydraulic power. It can generate enough power to overcome the pressure induced by the load at the pump outlet. It creates a vacuum which forces all the liquid out of the outlet. Then, mechanical wiring takes all the liquid back into the hydrostatic.


3 – Concrete Cylinders


Concrete cylinders are incredibly important parts of a diesel mixer pump machine. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is for concrete. Contractors use these concrete cylinders in the shaping and hardening of wet concrete. The concrete cylinder works in a relatively simple manner. It functions by pouring cylinders of freshly mixed concrete, followed by measuring the amount of force required to break up the concrete.


This can be done in regular intervals during the hardening period. It is very useful for engineering and construction purposes. Every concrete has its own designed strength. Concrete cylinders allow the strength of each batch of concrete to be tested so that the quality is known. Concrete cylinders can also be found in different sizes. The larger the size means that it will be harder for the concrete to block the cylinder.


Even large sizes like 200mm to 230mm and more are used from time to time for large projects. Concrete cylinders are one of the most crucial elements of a machine. It goes a long way in determining the quality, strength and type of concrete a machine produces. It also allows you to measure your strength without having to take more of your time.


4 – Hydraulic Valve Group Cleaning


A lot of people underestimate how important cleaning the hydraulic valve is. The hydraulic valve is an extremely important component of the machine. the lack of proper maintenance can and does affect the functioning of the machine. In the majority of cases, if the hydraulic valve is not properly cleaned, over time it will reduce the durability of the machine in general. This is why it is important to ensure that maintenance does occur regularly.


Most people have questions about whether or not the whole valve gets cleaned or only sections. The answer to this is yes. It is advised that you should clean every section and set off the hydraulic valve group. The lack of proper cleaning can also lead to valve rusting. Slowly this will circulate the valve and will eventually reduce the life of the machine. to keep the machine working at its optimal capacity every single part of it has to be cleaned especially the hydraulic valve, remember to pay attention to professional handling when cleaning the machine. To prevent any problems relating to durability and equipment, the factory must clean the whole hydraulic valve group.


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