4 Different Types of Ride On Mowers


A ride on mower is considered an essential piece of equipment for garden maintenance. Regardless of whether you want to keep your garden from becoming overgrown or aim for an amazingly manicured lawn that will make the neighbours jealous, then a riding mower is your best option. However, there are a few things you need to consider first before you make a purchase. If you want to learn more about these exciting machines and the best model for your garden, well-considering budget and model specifications, then this article is for you.




At BS Power, we stock a wide range of incredible ride on mowers for any garden. So, when you’re looking to make a purchase, we welcome you to review our stock and talk to our helpful consultants, who will help you make the best buy for your circumstance. In this article, we will highlight four of our favourite models.


1. Husqvarna 214TC


The Husqvarna 214TC mower is a fast rear-wheeled machine with a replaceable front-mounted cutting deck. This feature elevates this model above your average ride on mower because it can be equipped with accessories like an aerator, brush, or shovel. Furthermore, the mower is designed to make steering more intuitive and allow for good visibility of your cutting area. However, there are no headlights included for mowing in low light. Manoeuvrability and accessibility are exemplary, making mowing around trees and bushes easy. It is important to remember that the rear section can swing out and hit walls and fences if you are not careful around those sorts of obstacles.


The cutting width is perfectly designed for more extensive areas that may be filled with various obstacles. However, it would have been even better if the cutting deck was 5 cm further from its wheels, making it far easier to mow around flowerbeds. At BS Power, we agree that this mower produces good results and is very comfortable to operate. A mower like this provides excellent comfort for any driver, whether they are short or tall. It has comfortable seats, easy-to-access controls, a special compartment for tools or drinks and a pedal-controlled hydrostatic gearbox. The hydrostatic transmission is worth its weight in gold in the areas that require tons of reversing.


The cutting results are excellent, and the height can be low for shortcuts. Another great feature of this model is that mulching is particularly effective if the grass you cut is not too wet or long. It is easy to clean the cutting deck with your hose pipe. The 214TC is an undeniably well-designed ride on mower; despite its price, you still receive great value for money.


With all these features, there is little wonder why we crowned this model the best riding mower of 2021. To summarise:


  • King of the ride on mower market. It gets maximum points!
  • Navigates and mows efficiently on both fiddly and more extensive areas.
  • Suitable for many different types of gardens and, therefore, a broad section of homeowners.




2. Stihl RT 4097 SX


This model is a versatile and handy value-for-money tractor with extreme comfort. The Stihl RT 4097 SX ride on mower is considered one of the best because of its time efficiency, versatility, and excellent cutting result. One example of why it is such a good mower is its towing hook, making it a perfect tool for mowing many things around the whole garden. If you purchase a small trailer, the 4097 SX can handle towing weights of up to 40kg without any problems.


The great turning ability and robust driving features help you navigate efficiently and quickly around the whole garden. It also includes lights so you can see it even at dusk, which is a nice bonus. This mower is very impressive regarding its primary function – cutting the grass. It quickly and easily cuts vast surfaces. The cutting result is uniform, even if the grass is tall and wet. It does an excellent job of grinding the grass, meaning the absence of a mulching function is less noticeable.


The head of the cutter is centred underneath the machine, which is not atypical for garden tractors. This means the 4097 SX ride on mower finds it more challenging to access tricky areas that a front-mounted ride on mower may be able to handle better. It is therefore suited for more extensive, uncomplicated lawns. If you are working in a more complicated garden, you will be required to do quite a lot of additional cutting around raised bushes, vegetable beds, and within tight corners.


Like the previous model discussed, the Stihl also provides exceptional comfort levels. You can get in a comfortable position on the well-padded seat, which effectively counteracts vibration when driving the ride on mower. It is straightforward to reach all the pedals and levels. Additionally, it comes with twin bottle holders!


Another bonus to this riding mower is that it is easy to read the cutting head’s level. However, it is essential to highlight that the machine can be a little tricky on the first try when trying to find the correct level. Some customers have also mentioned that the button for cutting while reversing on the ride on mower may be a bit stiff. However, these are just some minor points of contention, and most customer reviews regard STIHL as top-notch and user-friendly. E.g., you can see what speed you are going at with its built-in speedometer, and at even higher speeds, the mower reacts smoothly to speed alterations.


One last feature that should be discussed is the non-adjustable weight lock. Although this may seem inconvenient for smaller drivers, it is an important safety feature that prevents children from using it. It should activate at 35kg but also started for a tester weighing almost 50kg. Overall, the 4097 SX is a perfect value-for-money tractor providing an excellent mower for a fair market value. And we should remember how fun using a riding mower can be. It transforms a generally mundane chore into an activity you look forward to as you climb onto your STIHL.




3. Husqvarna R 216T AWD Best Premium Selection


This ride on mower is known as a potent garden riding mower which gets the job done well! The Husqvarna R 216T AWD is an extraordinarily competent and versatile mower for anyone seeking a premium, quality, strong motor with fantastic manoeuvrability. This model of mower has sometimes been called a miniature tractor due to its incredible strength. But luckily, it will still fit in most average-sized garden sheds.


This four-wheel-drive sit-on-top mower provides fantastic mowing results and can also cope with hefty pully loads. For example, the ride on mower had no issues pulling a heavy pallet of limestone. The 216T is so strong that some users prefer the mower over other four-wheel drive vehicles.


As mentioned above, the mowing results are promising. It is comparable to its smaller sibling, the 214TC, in that it is highly efficient and easy to manoeuvre because of the rear-wheel drive. You can navigate obstacles easily, and the response is excellent.


However, you need to remember that the back end does stick out whenever you manoeuvre, so if you are going to turn in a narrow area, you must stay alert. This means that small, winding areas can take some time to mow. But if you keep this in mind, you will be more than satisfied. It is fast in open spaces and succeeds in cutting the grass thoroughly regardless of the speed.


The 216T AWD mini tractor is easy to start, no matter the weather conditions, even if the weather is cold. It does not have a choke, and it is refreshing not to deal with one of these. This is significant since the lack of a choke does not negatively affect the machine’s engine’s ability to start. The ergonomics are also appropriate. You will have a comfortable position, there are only a few controls you have to deal with, and of course, there is a cup holder! One advantage is that you can adjust the wheel so the ride on mower can suit both tall and short people.


Rider 216T is quite simple to maintain and includes a counter so that you will know when it is time for its next service. The front LED is also very powerful, making it the perfect machine to cut your lawn at any time of the day. It benefits anyone using the mower to pull things. Most individuals mow their lawns during the day, but working in the garden during the early morning or late evening hours allows users to work longer and cover more area daily. But of course, this comes with additional costs. This is not the cheapest mower on the market, but it is quite simply in a class of its own as a premium mower. If you are hunting for a machine that can replace both a four-wheel drive and a lawn mower on a wavy, large plot – even one with many obstacles- this is a mower that you should consider. The 216T is a real workhorse.


4. AI-KO Solo T 22-111.7 HDS-A V2


This efficient and fast mini tractor is perfect for larger green paddocks and areas. The Solo by Al-KO T 22-111.7 HDS-A V2 is a garden tractor mower with low vibrations, all thanks to its combination of plastic chassis and thick metal frame. But, the plastic chassis is a tiny bit rigid, which means that the hood of the ride on mower is rather stiff to open. You sit relatively high up on this machine, making it difficult to get close to the bushes and trees with low-hanging branches. At the same time, the height does provide you with a perfect overview of the area you are cutting. The turning circle is excellent, and the steering bites immediately, even with insignificant movements. The V2 motor helps make the HDS-A V2 so powerful, and it can easily handle coarse and tall grass. The comfortable seat and low vibrations make mowing the lawn a pleasant experience.


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